“Bridgeton” star Ruby Barker is hospitalized after a mental health struggle [Video]

“Bridgeton” Star Ruby Barker He revealed that he was hospitalized for his mental health struggles. The 25-year-old shared on Instagram how he is doing.

After premiering the role of Marina Thompson in Bridgeton’s first season, Barker’s career skyrocketed. Although his career was good, he spoke of his recent struggles. In an advanced Instagram video, he says, “It’s time to be transparent.” He then revealed that he has been struggling since Bridgeton.

He claims that Netflix has “saved” him.

“I was really sick for a long time. I want to be honest with everyone. I’m struggling, “said Barker. He further added in the video that he should be released from the hospital immediately.

“I’m in the hospital right now, and I’m going to get out soon and hopefully I can continue my life.”

In light of Mental Awareness Week in the UK, he captioned the post, “Mental Health Week for me every week. From my chest. I guess I wasn’t completely honest, so it’s for my followers. Time to be transparent. I’ve been struggling since Bridgeton, that’s the truth. ”

“Thank you all for supporting me, your love holds me back. # Mental Health Awareness”

Barker said he was “angry” and “angry” and had an “intergenerational trauma bundle” inside him.

He added, “I was carrying the weight of the world on my back, and now I am at a stage where I have been diagnosed with a disease, and I will talk to you another time. I cannot continue the way I am going. I have to change. That’s what I’m trying to do. ”

He ended the video on a high note, saying, “I want to live, and I will live. I’m leaving. ”

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