Britney Greene’s wife has spoken out about Russia’s arrest of WNBA stars

Cheryl, the wife of arrested WNBA star Brittany Greener, has spoken out about her arrest, saying President Joe Biden is the only person who can bring her home for a new interview.

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In early 2022, it was revealed that WNBA star Brittany Greener had been detained in Russia and the news came just weeks after her initial arrest. The reason for the arrest was the allegation that he was carrying a vap cartridge containing hashish oil in his luggage. His arrest shocked many who questioned why he was even in Russia, and the answer is simple: make money playing the game of his choice.

Where do we go from here … and how do we get him home?

Greenler’s wife, Cheryl, sat down with ESPN and talked about how hard the whole ordeal was on her. He admits that Brittany was hesitant to return to Russia to play last season and that this would be his last. Cherelle also acknowledges that the whole process is as stressful as we can imagine, especially in situations where delegating

“I am in a state of complete weakness. I have to trust people I didn’t know until February 17, “said Sheryl Greener. “So I trust his lawyers. … ‘What does he look like? How is his soul? What is his strength? ‘ I’m just asking all these questions, just trying to get some kind of hint or vibe.

“Some days they say, ‘He’s really strong. “She was OK when we talked.” And sometimes they would say, ‘His strength was really low.’

A few weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Greener, a political prisoner, and his family hoped President Joe Biden would bring him back to the country soon. At the moment, Joe is the only person who can make it happen, and although the family has not spoken to him, they hope that their voices will reach him.

“There’s a person who can get him, and he’s our president,” Greener told Angela Ryke in her interview with ESPN. “She is OK. You know, I’m just like, ‘Why aren’t we using it? Like, urgent, use it. ‘ We hope he will use his power to accomplish this. “

Hopefully, Brittany will be back in the country soon. For now, you can watch his wife Cheryl’s interview below.

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