Britney Spears condemns counselors, family in IG video: ‘Kiss My Mother * King * SS’

Britney Spears He took to Instagram to rally against mental health professionals, claiming that he was forced to endure “840 hours of unwanted therapy” during his stay.

The singer posted a video blasting her mentor and her family. In the video, he suggests pretending to be a therapist. He closes the clich lines, “I’m so glad you’re back here today and have therapy again.”

“How are you,” he continued. “It’s nice to see your little face!”

“This is my message to all my therapists and those who have taken my money. Kiss my mother. F * CKING * SS !!!! I guess I’m a scholar right now.” Forgive this torture… I’ll tell you till the day of death যা Go to hell !!! And if you think I’m lying or it’s impossible … Do your research !!!! “

He finished his caption with several emojis with his middle finger.

Hollywood life The report says the pop star will reportedly go into more detail about preservative-directed therapy. Simon and Schuster defeated other publishers in a bidding battle to tell the story of Spears. The book is alleged to have touched on her family drama, conservatism, career and love life.

No release date for the book has been announced.

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The post condemns Britney Spears counselors, family in IG video: ‘Kiss my motherf * King * SS’ [Video] Baller alerts appear first.

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