Brittany Cartwright where Jacques stands with Tom and Ariana

Brittany Cartwright where she and Jacques stand with Tom and Ariana, going back to the rules of the pump, and Jax's relationship with Cast Splits, Plus Randall and Project "In the work"

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Brittany Cartwright Where he and is offering an update Jacques Taylor Stay by the side Ariana Madix And Tom Sandoval After years of feuding with Sandoval.

During a recent podcast appearance, Vanderpump rules Alum shared where he shared with his former co-stars about his and Jacques’ possible return, before addressing many of the show’s recent splits, and Jacques revealing “work in progress” projects he’s going to tease on social media.

“I talk to them a lot,” Brittany confirmed about Ariana and Tom in the May 23 episode Behind the velvet rope with David Yontef Podcast “I was out with Ariana a long time ago for my makeup [artist’s] Birthday and we had such a good time. It was really nice to spend some time with him. “

Meanwhile, according to Brittany, Jacques’ relationship with Sandoval “has gone up in the air.” And, if they cross paths, things can get “a little awkward.”

“Jax doesn’t like to hate her or anything else … they don’t really talk to each other,” he explained.

In recent weeks, rumors have been circulating about the possible return of OGs, including Brittany and Jax. Stacy SchroederAnd Kristen Doubt. And while those reports have not been verified, Britney is certainly not against the idea of ​​returning to Bravo.

“It’s up to Jacques because for me, if he does, I’ll do it,” he explained. “She’s a little tougher than me. Then, you know, not being in it all season, I think. [would] That might be a little weird for him. But at the same time, some of our best friends are still on the show, and you know, it was a huge part of our lives. “

If Brittany and Jacques return, Brittany says fans will now see a different side of Jacques that he welcomed a father (couple son) Cruise Michael Cowchi April 2021).

“He’s like an amazing father ্য it’s incredible to see how old he is. I mean, I hope people can see it honestly because he’s grown up, “said Brittany. “He’s still got his same little Jax trend. He’s still there, you know, he’s going to be himself. But at the same time, he’s just grown up, and he, I think, knows what’s important now. “

While some cast members welcomed their first child, many others were faced with the end of their relationship, including Katie Maloney And Tom SchwartzWho confirmed their separation in March.

“It breaks my heart so much. As long as I’ve lived here, they’ve been together,” Brittany said of the former couple. “I never knew them apart. So it’s just crazy to see. And it’s bad to see because I love them both so much, but at the same time they deserve to be happy. “

“It would be crazy if they were ever with someone else or something else, but at the same time they just, they deserve to be happy,” he added.

Brittany then mentions it Lala KentDivided from Randall Emmet He’s “a little different” and says he’s definitely Tim Lala.

“I know he has had to go through a lot lately and I want to be there to support him. I didn’t talk to Randall or anything like that since it all happened, “said Brittany.

Although Brittany is no longer in contact with Randall, the same cannot be said of Jacques.

“They have business deal deals and things like that going on before. I don’t try to do too much because it’s a complete mess. And I think it’s more of a saliva business, “said Brittany. “[But] I’m sorry. “

For this James Kennedy And Raquel LewisDivided, Brittany said she was not “really” surprised, although she did not know them well.

“I think Raquel is a sweetheart … [But] I [could] Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………..

Also during the podcast, Brittany responded to Jax’s claim that they had something “going on” that they were actually “working.”

“Of course there is something going on,” he confirmed. “It’s just, you know, things take time and it’s a process … I don’t want to jump off the gun and say for sure that something is going to happen, but we, of course, are shopping around and of course looking for different ideas and different In things. “

“I think it would be great for people to see this chapter with Cruz. We still have fun. Just because we’re parents doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. We have a lot of fun, ”he added.

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