Bruni James cheers on the internet with her White Prom date

Everything has grown

Bronny James’s White Prom Date sparks social media hysteria

The internet is burning LeBron JamesIts 17-year-old son Bronny James Taking a white date to promote the latest example of celebrity kids being unfairly judged by adults on social media.

The star guard looked even better in the photo posted by his mother Savannah James Who was admittedly emotional at the particular moment.

“Sooooo @Brony went to the prom last weekend … a lot of emotion and perception,” she wrote on Instagram. “Time really flies. Proud of you young man !! I will always be in front of you and behind you !! 💕 Jhuri is also doing all this process !! 😂😂 (last slide).”

On the last slide, 7 years old ZHUR Looks like she knows something we don’t know (yet) in a photo of her posing with her brother’s prom date.

“There is no turning back! He doesn’t play with his siblings !! “James wrote in a comment containing encouraging messages from family friends, La La Anthony And Adrian Bosch.

Bruni is currently in her junior year at Sierra Canyon where she has been promoting her game as a top 100 college prospect since last April.

Bruni faces fake stories and hate on the internet

With his future NBA draft, it is no surprise that he has been targeted by a growing army of haters on social media.

You might think of Savannah firing warning shots at bloggers who put her son Bruni in the middle of their clickbate headlines and stories.

Savannah and some blogs LeBron James’ Son, BronnyWas Larsa Pipen DM.

All of this happened because he liked a picture of her on Instagram without any other evidence to support the rumor.

As expected, Savannah addressed the rumors and made it clear that Bruni was a minor who should be left alone.

How do you feel about a white prom date in Brunei? Tell us below and peek at Twitter hysteria on the flip.

“Bruni James goes to a high school that costs about $ 40,000 a year and lives in a predominantly white town that you expected.” – OK, it’s there.

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