Buffalo mass shooter charged with domestic terrorism

A grand jury indicted the Buffalo mass shooter Allegations of domestic terrorism After brutally killing ten blacks in a supermarket last month.

On Wednesday, 18-year-old Peyton Gendron Added his mounting case, learned new allegations. The killings have been classified as racially motivated by allegations of domestic terrorism, targeting its victims solely on the basis of their caste. She faces 25 counts, Including first-degree murder, attempted murder, and hate crime. Zendron pleaded not guilty.

Gendron entered Top friendly market That unfortunate Saturday morning with an AR-15 style rifle and started shooting at black people while they were shopping for their groceries. He broadcast the violent attack live. The victim Ages 32 to 86 And includes eight buyers. Gendron recently bought the rifle and drove about three hours from his home in Conclin, New York, determined to kill as many black people as possible. Prior to the massacre, he had published an online statement referring to white supremacist and anti-Semitic conspiracies. He targeted the neighborhood where the Tops store was located because the area had “the highest black percentage that is close enough to where I live,” he wrote.

New York’s domestic terrorism law, proposed by former Governor Andrew Cuomo, is relatively new. August 2019 Followed by extensive shooting El Paso, Texas, That target Mexican. The law is named Joseph Newman Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act Later Joseph Newman, Who died after an anti-Semitic attack Monsieur, New York. It was signed into law April 3, 2020, And has been effective November 1, 2020.

Although New York State does not have the death penalty, federal law allows it, which means there is a chance that Zendron could face the death penalty if convicted.

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