Cancer Horoscope June 2022: Summer royalty

You’re brand new, you’re in Cancer! Embrace an exciting transformation, because your June 2022 horoscope for Cancer says you are on the verge of achieving greatness. With Mercury’s retreat ending on June 3, you feel the full potential of Mercury to electrify your 11th community so that there is nothing to stop it. You have the ability to connect with people on a huge scale, even across the media, so start sharing the message.

In fact, once you join forces with Uranus on Friday, June 11th, your networking 11th home, you can feel the shock of the excitement spreading throughout the social sphere. It’s about connecting with people who get the most out of your weirdest ideas; People who support their own weird level. When Mercury enters your spiritual 12th house on June 13th, you are plunging deeper into your psyche, so hold your breath as you explore the deepest trenches of your inner mind. If you have a mental experience, do not be surprised!

However, once the full moon in Sagittarius June 14 showers its insights across the sixth house of your physical well-being, you can move away from your talent and feel the shock with the real rebuke. Be sure to take adequate rest to take care of your health and keep you productive.

StyleCaster |  The new moon in Cancer

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Don’t resist the task, as this is leading to a nice tipping point. On June 21st, as the Cancer season begins, the sun will shine and shine in your first room. Embrace your full expression and don’t be afraid to change your hair! As Venus 22nd June enters your unconscious and confidential 12th room, you can feel more like putting the best behind closed doors. After all, the evil eye is a real thing, so do not reveal it to yourself for too long!

However, you don’t want to stay cooped at all for long. As the Sun in Cancer moves to Jupiter in your ambitious 10th house, you can feel like creating a great entrance and showing the world a loud and proud side of yourself. Feed into your urge to be a bit of a show! As soon as a new moon in Cancer turns the page on June 28, you will be ready to start your next journey. Decide who you are and who you will be, because you are officially getting the royal crown of summer.

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