Capricorn Horoscope Summer 2022: Dive into your heart

Summer love is taking on a whole new meaning, as your relationships are taking center stage this season! Your Capricorn Summer 2022 horoscope predicts many new lovers and friends. Transferring the Sun to Cancer on June 21st will not only encourage and revitalize your relationship, it will also highlight the issues of “giving and receiving”. You may be reconsidering your commitments and compromises, and as Venus enters your selfless sixth house the next day, these “agreements” are affecting your routine and shaping your whole life.

Either way, this Venetian transit brings abundance and harmony to your daily routine, so don’t let this sweet pick-me-up go to waste. However, June 28th will be a new moon in Cancer which will bring new beginnings based on your one partnership after another, while challenging you to maintain your independence in the process. On July 5, Mars will enter your sister Taurus which will supercharge truth, romance, passion projects and creative songs in your fertile fifth house. Make sure you use your artistic instincts! Interestingly, Mercury will join the Sun in Cancer on the same day, which may indicate the possibility of a flirtatious exchange or the beginning of a dazzling love affair (probably, for someone of you at work). Soon, July 13th will be a full moon in your Capricorn zodiac sign, which will highlight all the ways you have grown in the last few months. Chances are, you’ve changed some ways!

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As Venus enters Cancer from July 17, some of you may have an epiphany about the significant other in your life. Conversations can start to get more interesting as Venus activates your field of engagement, especially once Mercury activates your emotionally intense eighth house on July 19th. If August begins on a dubious note, it is all thanks to your consolidation, shared resources, and close association with the sun, which tends to bring a certain weight to your outlook. Venus 11 August will join the Sun, adding a layer of captivating temptation to your one-on-one relationships as well as passion and longing for intimacy. Caution: From the dark side, this Venetian transit can trigger toxicity, especially when it comes to your or someone else’s desire for affection.

Towards the middle of the month, the strong Mars Gemini will begin its pre-retrospective shadow phase, so it is important to be prudent and aware of what comes to you about your health, work routine and daily routine. Similar themes are likely to return during the upcoming Mars retreat in October. Virgo season begins on August 22, which means the journey of the sun in your truth-seeking ninth house brings clarity and perspective, some of which can benefit you professionally in the long run. If you see it, believe it, Capricorn!

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