Caroline Stansbury Condemns RHODubai Custers, Defends Marriage

Caroline Stansbury of RHODubai is one

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The real housewife in Dubai Not yet debuted, but the play is already on the Dubai horizon as a cast member and Women of London The gate Caroline StanberryThere is already a conflict between costars Chanel Ayan (Who likes to go by his last name) and Lisa Milan After the two identified him as a “snake”.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Caroline says she has changed, saying, “I’ve changed cities. I’ve changed people. I’ve changed lives. I’ve had a whole three. What’s that? Like, 180? I’m just a different person.” “Everyone says I’m beautiful, believe it or not. Maybe not my customer …”

The situation began when Caroline posted a promotional trailer for The Real Housewives of Dubai on her Instagram account with the caption “There will always be snakes in the desert, except when they bite …”

And obviously it didn’t go unnoticed or just sit with Ian and Laser who took their own social media accounts about Caroline’s character and marriage and they weren’t positive.

A snake emoji followed by Lisa posted on Twitter “It takes a snake to recognize a snake”. To which, Ayon commented in support, “The biggest snake ever hissing the loudest! His fans are deeply cut. “

Ian takes it a step further and continues to tweet (and then delete) he thinks Caroline is really a snake.

“He must be the desert snake, Caroline Stanbury, who bites hard,” and “I’m angry, yeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Ian posted, constantly saying, “He gets bitten, he slides around. I think it’s just because of his comments.” He revealed, and I am a person who just says what I have in mind and I sometimes go for it without thinking clearly. So, I just say how I feel at the moment. “

Caroline, however, does not understand how she became the villain of this arc.

“I don’t know why they called me a snake, to be honest,” Caroline replied. “I think I’ve taken a lot from them in the past. And maybe now I’ve decided that I won’t take it anymore and they don’t like it. I am very happy with my team of friends, and I have very strong connections with other women. And I think at one point you have to say, ‘Enough!’ And when you hear something about your husband, your work, your this, your this, I wonder, who is the snake? “

Speaking of her husband, RHODubai He also commented on the nearly 20-year age gap between the couple and how real their marriage is really being called an “advantage”.

Caroline responded to the allegations by saying, “Alas. I was with him for three years. I don’t know how convenient, when he was in America, he had to go across [the world] When you don’t know anyone. And he lives with my family. My family loves him, we love him. And I think when you know us, you understand us.

Still, Caroline claims she did not feel the need to marry, but her now-husband, a Spanish football star, Sergio Carroll , She wanted to be legally married. Caroline refers to him as the lover of love cartoon character Pepe Le Pew and she is extremely romantic.

“I do not think so. I’m fine. I’m fine, “he said. “[But] A lot of people think he’s a toy boy, you know what I mean? So I think for him, to test himself – ‘I’m the right person, I’m not his toy-boy …’… I think it’s really great for him, “Caroline said at the premiere’s first appearance.

He continued, “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that cartoon, Pepe Le Pew? He is Pepe Le Pew. And I always go first, ‘Give me a minute. About a second day. ‘ But I wake up when there is no camera, that’s how I go to sleep. I want, ‘Please, come back.’ But she can’t and it’s so sweet and it’s favorite. And why are we trying to oust him as a society?

Caroline concludes that if you are not happy with the life you are currently living, then “Move!”

“If you don’t like where you are, move! I took a chance. I moved to the Middle East. I met the man of my dreams. I’m glad to see him. It’s not the way you feel comfortable seeing him, but we are happy.”

The real housewife in Dubai Premiere Wednesday night, June 1stSt. 9 pm EST in Bravo.

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