Caroline wants to verbally “knock the show” to Teresa Judis

Caroline Manzo orally from Teresa Guidis

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In the recent past, Teresa Judis Indicate that Caroline Manjo – His former colleague The real housewife of New Jersey – Ratted him out to the federal government. In 2014, Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.

Caroline, unfortunately, is not her only nemesis. Last season RHONJTeresa fought with many of her co-stars, who called her out for abusive behavior, including alleged body-laming. Margaret Josephus.

Now, it looks like Caroline is ready to go back to the battlefield.

“I’m just leaving it there because I don’t just give AF * ck. [Teresa] Verbally and just put him in his place, ”Caroline reveals to her son Albi ManjoPodcast of, Dear Albie.

“I am tired of some things. I am tired of opening his very uneducated mouth and using me as a weapon to say that I led his IRS claim… we are not that man. Apparently he [also] You mentioned me again at the reunion. “

Caroline then addressed Teresa directly: “Do you know, Teresa, why you are so obsessed with me? Guess then, if you’re so obsessed with me, I’m glad to answer your demand. “

The only obstacle in Caroline’s way is Bravo, apparently. “Bravo doesn’t want to pay me,” he said. “Then guess, Bravo, you don’t get it for free. You won’t get a free dam, Bravo. “

His son Albie explained, “You have bombs to drop, but those bombs have price tags.”

Caroline shared, “I have PTSD to ‘housewife’, we all do, but guess what? Sometimes you have to beat. I’m more than happy to bully. But you’ll do it on my terms. You’re going to do it on my terms, and They are not willing to do that. “

The star added, “I find it a business. I got it. I have a big ticket. But with the same token, I know the value of this face. “

Will the network meet Caroline’s needs? If Teresa had anything to say about it, Bravo, a mother of three, would stay away from the camera.

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