Chrissy Tegan’s eyebrow replacement is complete and she’s spreading the word

Those who have scattered eyebrows have a few options at different endeavors and price points. You can fill them every day with pencil and powder and gel. It’s the most affordable option but it’s a bit of a time sucking. You can take this one step further and get microblading, which can be expensive and involves needles. Or you could be Chrissy Teigen and get a complete eyebrow replacement. Yes, a replacement. And he’s not the only one doing it.

Back in April, Tegan shared a photo of her full, bushy eyebrows after surgery, captioning the video, “I’m telling you like weeds !!!!” This is when we learn that he will go through an eyebrow replacement, apparently with the star’s plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. “I would never wear makeup if I could avoid it so I was so excited for this eyebrow replacement surgery,” she wrote in her Instagram stories. She no longer has to use pencil and powder to fill her eyebrows.

An eyebrow replacement sounds just like it. Simply put, a cosmetic surgeon takes a graft (a plug) of hair and takes it to the eyebrow area. (Many of these medical things have been done.) Hair follicles can come from around your ears or from the size of your neck. This transplanted hair actually falls out and in about three months new hair grows in that place. You’re under local anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt but it does Is Surgery with possible side effects. The results can last for years but sometimes a touch-up is required.

As long as everything is fine, you still need to do some necessary maintenance. This is because eyebrow hair grows and grows – not like your scalp hair. Trimming is essential unless you want to hang bangs from your eyebrows. Over the weekend, Teijen showed off how long his eyebrows are growing and it’s time for a trim. “Blessings and a curse, this eyebrow method. 10/10 will cry again,” he wrote.

Chrissy Teigen is definitely not doing it. Jane Atkin, a friend of hers and founder of Ovi, filed for Vlog in February 2021 to have her eyebrows replaced. Influential beauty Gabriel Zamora showed off her new eyebrows on TikTok last January. “I have to trim them every week, my friend,” he said.

We like honesty here from everyone involved. Not everyone can be born with full eyebrows but if you have enough money and patience you can get them.

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