Christian Rock fights Blueface’s mother and sister

“I never believed them about you but now I see, you are the living devil that after the abortion I got pregnant …”

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Social media buzzed on Memorial Day weekend after a video recording capturing the “Blue Girls Club” star surfaced. Christian Rock Attacking Blueface’s mother and her sister.

Wealth Garden Entertainment Juventus Pool Party

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Oddly enough, the “Thotiana” rapper can be seen rocking the rocks during a heated argument that has turned into a nastie on social media.

May 29 Blueface’s mother Carlisa Safold She took to Instagram to call her son and Rock for the horrific attack.

“I just know that my son will never bring that person back to my family and that is the important thing. Keep going, ”he wrote, tagging a picture of his swollen face along with the message.

Saffold added in a separate post:

“And neither will the judge’s police. The end. “

In a follow-up post, Saffold again condemned his son, noting that he needed “help.”

“If I can enable you in any way, I will ask God for forgiveness,” the rapper’s mother continued.

“You brought that trash bag and his dog where I kept my head and paid the rent to help you build your business and I told him more than 10 times to get it out of my mouth.”

Safold’s anger grew with each message.

In another post, she called her son a “living devil” and denounced the entrepreneur for failing to pay him for a business they had worked together on in the past.
“I never believed them about you but now I can see,” he wrote. “You’re the living devil that I got pregnant after that abortion. You haven’t paid me since September to work in that restaurant and my husband has put his own money in it. I’ll see you in court, “he said, referring to how his sister Kaliove was hospitalized after the attack.

Blueface sister Kali Miller talks about the fight

Blueface’s sister Callie also talks about the fight in her Instagram story.

She claims that her brother punched her and their mother.

In addition, Callieway, The man, also known as Kali, alleged that she and her husband jumped off multiple men, including a rapper.

“As you can see I pee on myself. I’ve never fought 7 n *** like I could before. [piss] On his own, “he said in a video.

After the jump, Kali claimed that Christian Rock ran over him and punched him a few times.

You’re probably wondering why the play was released, isn’t it? Blueface’s manager apparently has an explanation.

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Walk 100 Speaks on Christian Rock Vs. Kali Miller

According to Wack100, Rock beats Blueface’s sister, in particular, because she was the same woman who broke the aspiring singer’s teeth during a fight that happened “18 months ago”.

“You came for the smoke and the woman took her revenge. Guess we now know why you’re back, “he wrote. “Pray for your husband. I have found 6 of them.” Teeth on the driveway. Send me a mailing address if you need !! Stay safe there. #Meat is available on all platforms. “

Walk also posted a video of Rock celebrating his defeat after the war. She is seen holding her unconscious husband while she shouts “Blueface who wants next !?”

Kali Miller apologized to her husband after the Christian Rock Fight

Kali posted a message to her husband apologizing for “bringing her into such a toxic environment”.

Kali also sent a message to her mother.

Blueface’s sister wrote, “Lil, did they know I would never let anyone touch you?” “I’m sorry your son turned out to be this person.”

For Christian Rock, he has since confessed to fighting the Blueface family, but in effect, he was involved in the attack, not Blueface.

Blueface has backed up its claim on Twitter.

Speaking of Christian Rock fights, Blueface’s face has recently been inked around his neck

Christian recently said through Blueface’s Insta Story that he was involved in the fight and that his rapper Bu was innocent.

“Why did you kill them like that?” Blueface Rock is heard to question when he is strangely lying on the ground.

“They gave me no choice,” Rock replied.

He added to his own IG Live that Blueface had allowed him to defend himself after being abused by two women for years.

“His son was like, ‘Yeah, stick to yourself. Don’t let him hurt you,'” Rock said. “So, I said, ‘OK. F **** it.’ I’m hitting him and hitting him. “

In related news, before the altercation, Christian Rock slapped his rapper Burr’s face around his neck.


It just keeps getting weird and weird there.

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