Christine Quinn has revealed the highest paid Sunset Star

Christine Quinn reveals best-selling Sunset Star, accuses show creator Adam DeVelo of committing suicide and fake editing, Deviner "Minor aggression" And a 5K bribe

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Christine Quinn He claims to have paid more than any of them Sell ​​the sunset castmates

During a recent podcast appearance, Christine opened up about her Netflix salary before making shocking allegations against the show’s creators. Adam DeVeloAiming at the show’s fake story and reacting to the “micro aggression” Devina Portraitz Committed against Chelsea shy.

“After that, there will be a case against me. I don’t care. You can’t afford my lawyers. There are three different levels, ”Christine’s pay structure began Sell ​​the sunset Upstairs Call her father Podcasts, through our weekly. “I get paid the most. [Jason Oppenheim] E.g. … My Entertainment Attorney, you know, basically [said] It’s my price and I think it’s about recognizing your value. “

According to Christine, she tried to “band together” with her co-stars but they were not on board.

“Most of the cast is represented by a lawyer, but obviously, I had to find my own entertainment attorney and do my own thing,” he told our weekly. “They told us there were levels. I was the guy who came to the whole cast and said, ‘Listen, if we are to get paid what I believe we all deserve – because we are all equal – we have to band together and be on the same page.’ But it did not work out and some people were interested in signing their contracts immediately, which immediately tied them to a different team. “

Also in the podcast, Christine noticed Adam, saying that after being “very honest” during the confession and revealing “what really happened” in the filming, the series maker threatened and yelled at her.

“She has been charged – multiple charges … and she was ill,” he complained via US Weekly. “She told me to fall down the stairs and commit suicide at one point… she was threatening me and shouting. And, you know, there were other people nearby. It was witnessed. He basically reprimanded me for being too honest.

“[And] It was not the first time I had filed a complaint against him, “he said. “There was another allegation – that he could not stay on the set because of the misconduct of a woman in the office. It was horrible when, you know, he was screaming at me. It was terrible. “

In his recently published book, How to be a boss B-tchChristine reveals that she was “fired (and then re-hired) by the production company” because of her honest confession.

“I pointed out in the interview all the things that were completely fake – our conversations, our relationships, our actual list,” he wrote. “Our clients don’t want their homes to be set up, and most of them don’t want to be involved in reality TV shows. So the producers will feed our list, especially the new girls. There was dirt to share and my big shiny lips weren’t supposed to be a secret – I didn’t sign any F-King NDA! Of course, next season we all had to make a sign, you know, to protect the ‘magic curtain’ and all those bullshit.

Christine went on to reveal that the production manipulated the footage and created the narrative for the cast.

“What they do is they write the lines of the story and depend on how things change [the] The real world in our lives, they can twist the lines of the story, “he shared. “We have six full-time storyboarders who create narratives.”

As Chelsea claimed, “something happened [off-camera] Micro-aggression ”by Devina, Christine suggests that there is more to the story

“Ask Chelsea about the reaction to what Devina said – what Devina actually said,” Christine told our weekly.

He then laughed off rumors of a 5,000 bribe Emma HernanIts clients say, “Please, like, do they think I’m poor? If you’re worried about $ 5,000, I can’t. “

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