Christine Quinn responds to the Chrysal Stuas, G-Flip relationship

Nothing but love. Christine Quinn has shown her support for Chrysal Stuas and G-Flip. The Sell ​​the sunset The real estate agent revealed how he felt about his co-star’s new relationship when asked about the new couple by Us Weekly.

“I’m so happy for them,” Christine told our weekly while signing her book. How to be a boss B * tch On May 16, 2022. “Love is amazing.”

Christine’s comments came just days after Crishel revealed her new partner to fans at Crishel’s Reunion Special. Sell ​​the sunset. “You can’t choose where to meet someone. You can’t choose when you meet someone in their life, “Crisel shared. “So recently, I met someone who has a different place in their lives. I recently spent a lot of time with someone who is very important to me. Their name is G. Flip, “Crishel described them as” extremely talented musicians. “

“The smile on your face makes me very happy. I’m so proud of you, “said Jason Oppenheim, Crisel’s boss and ex-boyfriend. Crishel and Jason from July to December 2021. Most of Season 5’s Sell ​​the sunset Focuses on their relationship.

The pair split in December 2021 and wrote various statements on their Instagram. Chrysler, for her part, writes: “Jason was my best friend and he was, and our ideas for family did not finally come together. The amount of respect and love we have for each other will never change. Men have luxuries that women don’t have and That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ” Then he began to say, “Thank you Jason for the most incredible relationship and for being consistently honest with me even when it hurts.”

Meanwhile, Jason echoes the same sentiment in his post that “although Chrysal and I are no longer together, we are best friends and we will always love and support each other,” he wrote. “She was my most amazing girlfriend, and it was the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life.”

Chrysler’s ex-husband Justin Hartley also reacted to the news of the new couple. “It simply came to our notice then. According to a source close to Justin, he is not one to follow celebrity news unless someone leaks it to him. Our weekly. Justin and Crishel were married from 2017 to 2019 when Justin applied for divorce through 3 seasons of text Sell ​​the sunset.

Photo: Courtesy of Gallery Books.

To find out more about Chrysal Stuas, read her memoirs, Under Construction: Best Living My Best Life works a little. The book, which will be published on February 8, 2022, follows the life of Crisel in a small town in Kentucky from her infancy to a soap actress, a luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles and her current career as a cast member of Netflix. Reality TV shows, Sell ​​the sunset. The memoir dives into Krishel’s struggle with homelessness early in life and her family’s addiction, as well as her dream of one day acting while working at a local dairy queen. Under construction Includes “never told” stories from her personal life – including her much-publicized divorce from him This is us The lessons that star Justin Hartley 8 and Crishel have learned are becoming stronger than ever.

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