Cincinnati high school students racist post ‘just black,’ ‘just white’

Three students in a high school Cincinnati They are reportedly facing punishment after uploading pictures of racist signs posted on water fountains.

NBC News reports that “black only” and “white only” signs were taped into water fountains at Coleran High School on May 5th. The school’s District Northwest Local School District claimed that after an investigation, it learned that the students had signed up for about 30 seconds. Within those 30 seconds, the students photographed the symptoms and then took them down.

On May 5, the school sent a letter to students and parents informing them of the incident.

Read the letter: “Punitive action will be taken against any student who participated in the online sharing of the post.” “The actions that have been taken do not reflect the values ​​and culture of the Coleran High School or the Northwest Local School District.”

On May 16, the district issued a statement urging students behind the racist social post. The district said in a statement that “significant penalties have been imposed on those involved in this tasteless and harmful act.” The school district added that the students responsible were disciplined, NBC News reported.

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