Colin Kepernick has finished a workout with the Las Vegas Riders

According to a source, Colin Kepernick End up with a workout Las Vegas Riders.

On Wednesday, Copernicus took to the field with the Las Vegas Riders. Six years after he was blacklisted by the NFL, he knelt down in protest of police brutality in the United States. Seahawks returned in May 2017, ESPN reported.

Back in April, Cap sat down for an interview with the “I’m Athlete” podcast and opened up about being part of an NFL team again.

“That 2016 season, my last year, my teammates voted me as the most courageous and inspiring player,” Kepernick said, according to ESPN. “So, when you talk about the people in the building, it never came out that I was confused. It never came out that I was a problem for those I played with. “

He added that the NFL should be more “aligned” with its social outlook, ESPN reported.

“You have ‘end racism’ behind your last region. Your helmet has ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on it. What I have said should be in line with what you are saying in public, “he said. “It’s a 16 billion business. When I first got on my knees, my jersey moved to No.1. When I deal with Nike, their value goes up to 6 billion. Six billion. With B. “

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