‘Commit or Quit’ Exclusive: Judge Taller meets a struggling couple in each

This marriage is in trouble but there is no fear – in the case of Judge Lynn!

Promise or leave with Judge Lynn Toler

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Thursday marks the launch of a new episode of Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Tolar. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek clip from tonight’s episode for you to enjoy watching. The clip introduces us to Aina and Brian, who got married despite a significant age gap and are now struggling at every level after a brutal year where Aina has suffered multiple deaths in her family and is now inadvertently expressing her anger at her husband.

Watch the clip below:

Here’s more about Aina (46) and Brian (36) who have been married for three years:

The couple met at a party 4 years ago. The two immediately shut it down and got married in a small ceremony. Although they love each other very much, the two had problems from the beginning, which included cultural differences, their age gaps and lifestyle differences. They are also suffering from fertility problems and are not sure if there is a baby picture for them. Aina and Brian desperately want to save their marriage, but they are also willing to walk away for good if Judge Lynn thinks it is too big to overcome these unresolved annoyances.

Check out the full summary of the episode, which includes another couple, London and Andre:

A newlywed’s explosive fight leaves them on edge and only Judge Toler can determine their fate. London and Andre were married 6 months ago after a whirlwind romance but after the marriage everything changed. Will they commit or leave?

The episode “Commit or Quit with Jazz Lynn Toller” “Newlyweds on Trial” premiered on WeTV on Friday, May 19 at 10pm ET

Will you see Wow – can you imagine hearing from a third party that you and your wife should end your marriage? We don’t see that scenario going well. We hope Judge Lynn Toler will be able to save this relationship because we want to see love win!

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