Commitment or exit is experimental when an old engagement is uncovered

What if you found out that your six-year-old had failed to tell you that he had been engaged before?

Promise or leave with Judge Lynn Toler

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Tonight is the night of the brand new episode of ‘Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Tolar’ and we’re back with another exclusive sneak preview clip!

After dating for 6 years, Kiesia and Antoine seek Judge Taylor’s help in taking their next step. Antoine constantly puts his ex on one foot and Kiesia fears that he will never live with her. Will these two let the past relationship stand in the way of their future?

In the clip below, Judge Toler reveals that he spoke to Antoine’s ex-girlfriend Ashley and that Ashley talked about how their relationship came to a standstill after his proposal. Unfortunately for Antoine, this information is new to Kiesier.

Watch the clip below:

Would you be mad if you found out that your six-year-old boyfriend was engaged before and never mentioned it to you? We can see why this would be a cause for concern.

Do you think Judge Toller will help the couple make a commitment or advise them to give it up in the end?

Six years seems like too much time to be together and not be sure – especially in the extra age of these people. What will be your time limit? If your partner puts their ex on one foot, would you like to know what happened in their last relationship? Do you think Kiesia would benefit from talking to Ashley?

Promise or exit with Judge Lynn Toler – “X-Pactions” premieres Thursday, June 2 at 10pm ET on WeTV

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