Sheesh! Another woman has filed a case against Quarterback Deshaun WatsonThe list is being moved to 23.

All 23 women accused Cleveland Browns Players of inappropriate sexual behavior during massage sessions.

In the 23rd civil lawsuit against her, the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff had her first massage session with her in the summer of 2020 and that her “behavior had gotten worse.”

It is alleged that during the third and final massage, Watson exposed himself to her, touched her between the legs, and “repeatedly requested” the plaintiff to have sex with her.

According to the lawsuit, he changed his mind about suing Watson after watching HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gamble” last week.

Two other women, Ashley Solis and Kayla Hayes, have accused Watson of inappropriate sexual behavior and criticized the Browns for giving Quarterback an NFL-record $ 230 million guaranteed deal after trading for her in March, ESPN reported.

“It’s just like a big ‘you screw,'” Solis told HBO.

Leah Graham, a Watson attorney, told HBO that Watson “has no regrets because he did nothing wrong.”

“In that part, the plaintiff was shocked to see the courage of the victims to go ahead and speak out, and he was extremely dissatisfied with Watson and his legal team’s abuse and recovery with the plaintiffs,” the latest lawsuit claims. “But Watson himself has said he has no regrets and has not done anything to strengthen his resolve. He brought the case to a minimum for compensation, but to get a court to find out if Watson’s behavior was wrong.

Two grand juries in Texas have refused to press criminal charges against the players, who continue to deny any wrongdoing. However, the NFL is investigating whether he violated his code of conduct and interviewed him in person two weeks ago as part of the investigation.

23 Plaintiff’s attorney, Tony Buzzby, said “other charges” could be filed against Watson.

“The Watson defense team has insulted these women and this cause,” he said in a statement. “Woe to them! We are awaiting trial in this case.”

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