Congregation with guns shot at a church in California

One gunman killed one and wounded five others California Those who were confronted by church parishioners on Sunday then tied his legs and removed his two arms.

Police say the suspect is identified as one Asian Men in their 60s, shot Irwin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Inside Laguna Woods At lunchtime in honor of the former longtime priest Billy Chang.

Chang hit a chair on the killer’s head as he paused to reload, while others rushed to grab his gun. Officials say they grabbed her by holding her leg extension with her.

The Orange County Undersheriff “demonstrated the group of churchgoers that we believe had exceptional bravery and courage in intervening to stop the suspect.” Jeff Hallock Says

“They undoubtedly prevented further injuries and casualties,” he said.

“I think it’s safe to say that if people hadn’t intervened, it could have gotten worse.”

According to police, the only fatality occurred inside the church.

The motive of the attackers was not disclosed. According to the undersheriff, the gunman is not from the area and it is unclear if he has any connection to the church.

“At this time, we do not know what the suspect’s motives may have been or were his motives, or whether it was even a hate-related incident,” Halk said.

Officials claimed that the five injured were four Asian men aged 66, 75, 82 and 92 and one 86-year-old Asian woman. Four of them are in critical condition after being shot.

One of the 911 callers, Jerry ChenAbout 40 people at the church welcomed Chang, who had served for 20 years before returning to the church, for lunch, he said. Taiwan Two years ago.

“We are mostly retired, and the average age of our church is 80,” Chen said.

“It was amazing how brave (Chang) and the others were,” he said. “It’s just so sad. I never thought something like this would happen in my church, in my community.”

Govt. Gavin News “No one needs to be afraid to go to their place of worship,” he said.

His office said on Twitter, “Our thoughts are with the victims, the community and those affected by this tragedy.”

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