Copper Judge Diana Jenkins declared RHOBH “inconsistent”

Erica Jane teases the upcoming drama between Sutton Strack and Diana at RHOBH

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You are the judge Not here for The real housewife of Beverly Hills Newcomer Diana Jenkins Flaunting his wealth.

During the 12 years of the franchise, viewers were introduced to DianaM Season, and in three episodes, an exchange between Diana and Crystal Kung-Minkoff Diana really caught the attention of fans.

During their conversation, Crystal had to explain what an outlet mall was to a confused Diana, who said she had been sent clothes. Also, he told his team to go to the hotel room ahead of time to make sure it was set up according to his standards.

Per Heavy, it didn’t catch Tamra’s eye, who talked about her abuse of Diana and Teddy Melankamper Two t in a pod The podcast showed Crystal being “more relatable” when she called Diana’s behavior and lifestyle “incoherent.”

“She doesn’t know what an outlet store is, she doesn’t shop, people do it for her, whatever is good for her, whatever. And then he sends people to his hotel room to stay away from the door behind him and all these things. To me, it’s not related and it will turn people off, ”Tamra said.

That is, the franchise is called Real housewife Beverly Hills, Above all. The audience is basically tuned in for a luxurious lifestyle and a certain amount of irrationality and opulence.

However, Tamra says she has no personal grievances with Diana.

“I’m not saying I dislike him, I’m just saying if the whole season goes on like this, he’ll get a lot of hate.” RHUGT: Ex-wife club The star says.

Co-host Teddy says he thinks Diana is going to make a good television.

“I think when you look at the show as a lifestyle show there are some things that he said that are really funny and you like, what, but then there are some things that are going under your skin,” Teddy said.

Current RHOBH Welding members Kyle Richards And Erica Jane Diana also talks about the extreme “over the top” lifestyle and teases the impending tension between them. Sutton streak (Who is also very rich – the woman didn’t even know he owned a baseball team) and Diana this season.

In March, Kyle talked to people while discussing Diana, “Talk about ‘over the top’. She’s too extra. Gone and she saw it all – so she’s a multidimensional woman and I have a lot of respect for her. “

Erica echoed that sentiment as she spoke to Entertainment Tonight.

“You’re talking about someone who doesn’t give an FS? That’s like a mega-level, ”the Pretty messy The author says.

“I think you see something between Sutton and Diana that hurts Diana’s feelings a lot and I think you see the reaction to it because Diana’s feelings hurt so much and I understand why,” Erica continued.

Two of the richest women RHOBH War? You don’t say …

The real housewife of Beverly Hills It currently airs on Bravo on Wednesday night at 8 / 7c.

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