Courtney Kardashian has revealed that her doctor advised her to drink Travis Barker’s semen

In another case of TMI, Courtney Kardashian It is learned that a doctor advised him to drink Travis Barker To help semen fertility.

Reality star cried during the latest episode “The Kardashians” in Hulu. When he opened up about the couple’s journey to have children together, he said that a fertility doctor had given him bizarre advice.

“He told me that the thing that would help was drinking Travis’s cum, for example, four times a week,” he explained.

Barker seemed overwhelmed about the recommendation during the episode, although the couple admitted they haven’t tried the semen diet yet. Instead, Courtney Kardashian has started a panchakarma cleanse, which will free her body from toxins and keep her eggs healthy.

Although semen contains a number of beneficial ingredients, including oxytocin, melatonin, progesterone, and antioxidants, not much research has been done to suggest that drinking it may improve the chances of having a baby.

The newlyweds are not wasting time expanding their mixed family. After their relationship started January 2021, The couple got married in a private wedding ceremony Saint Barbara Earlier this month, after a formal ceremony Italy.

Courtney shares Three children With her ex-husband, Scott Disc. Barker and his ex-wife, Shanna MoaklarShare Two kids.

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