Craig confirmed the hookup with Naomi

Video: Craig Conver confirms hookup with Naomi in 'Southern Charm' Season 8 Trailer!  Plus Shape Call Taylor a "F-cking Idiot" As Catherine is labeled a "Problems" By boyfriend ChlebCraig Conver Find yourself in a love triangle again.

Following its sixth season Summer houseDuring which he confronts her about his alleged hookup Christine Cavallari In his romance with his current girlfriend Paige DeSorboCraig will be seen admitting to a recent relationship with his ex-girlfriend Naomi Hollando In its eighth season Southern Charm.

In the newly released trailer for the new episode, Craig and Page are seen discussing his recent behavior.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to hang out with an ex when you’re dating someone,” Page told his partner.

And according to Craig, he and Naomi are not just access.

While chatting with Craig in a separate scene, Naomi tells him, “I think you’re feeling a little awkward around me.” He responds, “We’re not just exes. We recently joined. ”

There is also a lot of drama in the relationship Katherine Dennis And now the ex-boyfriend Revenel breadAnd Shape Rose And Taylor Green There are also dramas. In fact, as Madison Lecroy Her engagement is celebrated Brett RandallWith Patricia Altschul Katherine is described as “big” by her fianc’s ring as “big”, and Taylor as “F-King idiot” by Shape, who also accuses her of being jealous.

Even Austin Kroll Noting Shepp’s suspicious behavior towards Taylor, she tells him, “The way he talks to you sometimes …”

Although Sheppard and Taylor seem to have some good moments with each other, he seems to be questioning their future while chatting with them. John Pringle.

“I don’t know where I’ll be in six months,” Shep explained.

“If you have a child, you will,” replied single father John.

As the debut of her romance with Austin Olivia flowers, Come to Aspen Comes to the cast and immediately nods to Naomi. However, as the trailer continues, Naomi actually comes to her defense after Katherine accuses her of being “happy.”

Although Austin doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship drama for once, his girlfriend enters it with her ex-Madison, sarcastically telling him, “It’s good to talk to you,” as Madison answers cunningly, “You too!”

As the clip ends, Austin and Craig appear to be involved in a physical altercation as Austin tells her to “chill” and Craig claims she’s “I’m sorry.”

Austin is also arguing with Sheppard, who scolds him in front of their customers, saying, “You’re a joke.”

Southern Charm Season Eight premieres on Thursday, June 23rd.

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