Criter Fixer Country Vets

Nat Geo has another exciting episode of “Criter Fixers” and BOSSIP has an exclusive first look.

Dr. Vernard Hodges and Terrence Ferguson, black veterinarians who own and manage Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital, 100 miles south of Atlanta, are going to give visitors an insight into their work as veterinarians in “Critter Fixer: Country Vets”.

Criter Fixer: Country Vets

Source: Criter Fixer: Country Vets / Nat Geo Wild

It has been previously reported that the pair are in the third season of their show which is coming together They are treating more than 20,000 patients a year across two locations while highlighting humor, heart and soul. Between emergency visits to offices and farm calls across rural Georgia, this particular team is constantly bombarded with unique cases. Assembling a splinter on a rare South American bird, starting with tilapia scales to save an attacking dog, is nothing short of “normal” for the Critter Fixer team.

“Criter Fixer: Country Vets” Exclusive Clip

In the latest episode of the Nat Geo show, Doctor of Criter Fixer returns to their alma mater to help a cow detached from her flock. Veterinarians are proudly mentoring Fort Valley State University alumni and HBCU graders making their time on campus an instructive moment. Dr. Hodges enlisted his son VJ to be tested for detachment from a lame cow herd. A nervous wet animal jumps over the fence to test, but will things go smoothly?

In the next episode, Dr. Hodges performs surgery on the tail of a cervical cat that does not want to sleep, and Chihuahua helps operate on the damaged eye. Meanwhile, Dr. Ferguson helps a cat whose cough may be a sign of a serious illness, and a family of Alpacas comes to check for parasites and pregnancy.

Take an exclusive look below.

Criter Fixer: Country Vets – “Felaine OK” premieres May 28, 2022, at 9 / 8c on Nat Geo.

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