Dallas Cowboys star Marion Barbara III has been found dead

Former Dallas Cowboys star Marion Barber III was found dead by police at her Frisco apartment.

NFL: Cowboys on November 14 at Giants / Mario Barbara III

Source: Icon Sportswear / Getty

Marion Barbara III follows her father, Marion Jr., and brother, Dominic, to make her NFL dreams come true. Even his younger brother, Thomas, has taken a place in the league, making the whole family part of something special.

Barber III has spent most of his career in the Dallas Cowboys for five years and one run with the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, according to TMZ, Marion III was found dead in her apartment in Frisco, and some details were available at the time. The barber was hit at a difficult time after his professional career and was recently arrested in 2019 on charges of damaging multiple vehicles. Just last month, he pleaded not to contest the lawsuit.

Former pro-athletes have called for action to help former players recover from mental illness.

After his death, a close friend of Marion’s, Pacman Jones posted on his Instagram talking about his friend.

“We need to find a way to help athletes through this mental health issue,” Pacman said before requesting the Players’ Association to work on the issue. From professional sports to mental health, there has always been talk on Pacman’s platform I am an athlete And hopefully, they can come together to create a system for the mental well-being of all athletes.

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