Daniel Hooghly and daughter Ryan Shepard have spoken out against Monique in the dispute

It does not appear that there is a conflict between them DL Hooghlyy And Monique Will be slowing down anytime soon. Just one day after Hooghly’s family was dragged into this controversy; The comedian is talking again.

“The love between our family is clear and unequivocal and I am proud of my eldest daughter যখনbrownsugarandbourbon for carrying out this heinous attack. This is not an Instagram post taken from her daughter’s screenshot,” she wrote. Ryan Nicole ShepardOn saturday. “They have been attacked repeatedly for no reason. It needs to end.”

Hooghly promised to talk more about the situation later today. Shepard called Monique in her post to disrespect her mother, her younger sister and her father. He described the joke as “two small crayons in a full box”, noting that he was mentally unstable and immoral.

“Nothing is too far in your quest to prove a point, and I’m glad my parents raised children who didn’t know how to get there,” Shepard continued. We are going to give Hughleys a good * s day and a happy life. “

The comments came on the heels of a social media post made by Monique when she urged Hooghly not to protect her daughter when she accused someone she knew of violating her. Comedians are embroiled in a war of words after protesting against Monique Hooghly during a comedy show, claiming she is supposed to be the headliner.

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