DC’s clip reveals Jamie’s rumored betrayal

‘Love and Marriage: DC’ is fast becoming spicy!

Love & Marriage: DC Key Art

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It’s officially here on Fridays and weekends which means OWN is warming up for the spectacular slate of its relationship-related reality shows! We’ve already told you about our chat with Monique Samuels and her desire to show something a little different with Carlos King’s new series ‘Love and Marriage: DC’, but we’re really interested in how comfortable the couple was on Saturday night. Because babeeeeee when we tell you the dirt was dug! Shh but we won’t put you in any more suspense, we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip. In the clip, we find out why Irana and Jamie were secretive about their past marriage when Irana finally decides to clear up about past distrust at the vegan dinner! Check it out below:

Oh, we don’t all know. Did Jamie feel even more guilty when he started talking to his wife about wanting to keep quiet?

“These are our battles we’ve already experienced and they’re dead,” Jamie said in the clip. “I thought it was like a jeep.”

It’s not a zip! But Irana fired him, blaming him for his work in promoting the party. “These women are terrible here, they are aggressive and they don’t curse for anything.”

Do you think he is correct in a measure?

Our favorite part of the clip should be when Ashley makes a great point about responsibility and how people have to admit that they messed up and wouldn’t blame the outside world, Ala: “My work slipped me into someone else’s vagina.”

We love that he mentioned that if your job is not to make adult movies, your job is not to force you to do it!

What to expect from ‘Love and Marriage: DC’ episode 102

Here’s more about the episode:

The Samuels throw a vegan dinner and their marital problems come to the fore when they fight at the table. Irana opens up to dinner guests about her journey with Jamie, her life, and her perceived deception. Despite seeking a quick time for Ashley’s family, she agreed to a big event. Chris meets Winter’s ex but when Winter finds out he lets everyone know the truth. Ashley and Quick joke about winter without seeing the red flag when they claim to be relationship experts

Love & Marriage: DC Episode 102 ‘The Coolest of All Time’ airs Saturday, May 21 at 9/8 c on OWN

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