Derek Chauvin has been sued by Minnesota residents for kneeling on their necks

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin arrested for killing George Floyd

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Derek Chauvin will rot in prison for the rest of his life, and we are glad that George Floyd, rather than surviving, finally got justice. The only thing that will make us happy is if there is a way to make his time in jail as stressful as possible.

Derek Chauvin faces federal charges by witnesses to the murder of George Floyd

America has seen George Floyd murdered on our phones, tablets, computers, and TV screens, and as horrific as it was, there are others who have seen this man intimately and personally abused. This is a different level of trauma and those who are suffering deserve redress in the courts of law. According to ABCNews, the two men have filed a federal lawsuit against Chauvin alleging that they are suffering as a result of what they have seen.

John Pope Jr. was just 14 years old in September 2017 when he said that Chauvin used unreasonable force in response to a domestic assault report. Another lawsuit alleges that in June 2017, Chauvin used excessive force against the gambling code after he tried to suffocate his mother with an extension cord.

In both cases, there are allegations of racism against Chauvin and the city for allowing him to patrol despite having a growing criminal record. Complaints against Pope Jr. and Code were dropped, and Chauvin should have been dropped along with them.

Minneapolis Civil Rights Attorney Robert Bennett represents the plaintiffs and once negotiated a $ 20 million settlement for a woman who was shot by Minneapolis police in 2017. He also worked on a settlement for Philando Castile’s family, which earned him $ 3 million. This is very promising for Pope Jr. and Code, who want to get some dollars out of the public treasury.

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