Deshun Watson accused of sexual misconduct by 23rd massage therapist

Cleveland Browns offseason workout

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Despite being awarded the biggest contract in NFL history, Desan Watson is still under intense investigation after 22 women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct during a massage therapy session. Last week, HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gamble aired an interview between Soledad O’Brien and two of the 22 defendants, Ashley Solis and Kayla Hayes, which gave the Cleveland Browns more credibility to the allegations against the new quarterback.

The 23rd woman, Desaun Watson, has been accused of sexual misconduct

If it’s not hot enough for Watson already, according to TMZ, a twenty-three-year-old woman has now come forward with the complaint. Nia Smith, a woman from Harris County, Texas, credited the interview with giving her the courage to add her name to the growing list of cases that # 4 is currently facing. That said, this is not the first time Smith has talked about his experience. Last July, Smith told Cardi B. Nemesis Tasha that Watson tried to persuade her to touch his genitals during a massage.

Here is what Attorney Tony Buzzby told TMZ:

Smith’s attorney, “after seeing Watson publicly refuse to take responsibility for his actions,” Tony understands“He has no regrets,” the document said, adding that Watson’s lawyer had repeatedly lied to women. [Smith] That was enough. “

He left:

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