Diana Williams addresses Southern University’s Siege and Disaster Letter

Diana WilliamsThe choreographer who made a name for himself in Lifetime’s “Bring It!” Has been embroiled in a heated legal battle with Southern University and the importance of social media.

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Recently, HBCU condemned Williams with a break and break letter for the trademark Dancing Dolls, the name of his famous Mississippi-based dance troupe and a name he has been using for over 20 years.

According to multiple reports and Williams himself, the university claims that they are already using the trademark through their Heralded Fabulous Dancing Dolls dance team, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019.

A few years after Lifetime’s “Bring It” ended in 2019, the school complained that it was not satisfied with the owner of the doll house dance factory for filing a trademark for dancing dolls.

Williams has since denied the allegations and he recently addressed the legal carpool in a burning Instagram live session.

Diana Williams explains the Dancing Dolls trademark war

According to the star, Southern University filed for the Dancing Dolls trademark in 2019, but they did not send him any legal notice to use the name.

“No one ever sent me anything. I found no opposition, “he continued.

“I probably wouldn’t say anything anyway. Do you know why? Because there are a lot of dance troupes, high school, high school elementary kids, whose bands are called dance dolls. So when you attack someone, you come for all of us. But oh wait.” Do it. You only came for me because my name is the most relevant in the situation. It’s a fuck up! ” He told his fans.

Then, Williams thinks before his competition and submits for a trademark under a different category. According to the star, in class 35, she can now use the Dancing Dolls trademark for clothing such as socks, bags and hats. Williams also secured the names “DD4L” and “Buck or Die” so that he could defend the names and pictures of his dance competition.

This is where things get even more trivial, with the agitating entrepreneur adding that he even trademarked the name “Fabulous Dancing Dolls” at Southern University.

“Look at the serial number. It will take about 3 or 5 days to show it on USPTO,” the TV personality rejoiced. “My business owns it. Fantasy Dance Puppets, My Business Now Dance Event, Own Your Name For Use Of Live Visual Performance. In the class you used to trademark ‘Dancing Dolls’, now I’ve got ‘Fabulous’.

Now, Southern University will no longer be able to put dancing dolls on their products and they will no longer operate under the name Fabulous Dancing Dolls because Williams legally owns it!

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s a message not to say, “he said before adding:

“This is a message for the 2022 graduating class because I graduated to a new level of business!”


Diana Williams talks more in depth about legal action during an interview on the “Off Script” show. According to the coach, his Dancing Dolls team has participated in events on the campus of Southern University in the past and so far no one has said anything about name discrepancies.

Social Media Diana Williams vs. Response. Southern University trademark war

A number of people with legal knowledge are weighing in on Williams’ legal battle with SU.

And Williams fans are praising HBCU for “playing chess, not checkers.”

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