Dina Manjo says Dolores supported the former after she was assaulted

RHONJ alum Dina Manjo claims that Dolores wrote the letter on behalf of the ex-husband and her husband, who was allegedly beaten because Teresa was celebrating her birthday with Dina and Jennifer.

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Dina Manjo The weekend revealed some startling information on Instagram.

One year after the publication of the sister Caroline Manjo She wrote a letter to a judge on behalf of her supposedly “kind” and “caring” ex-husband, Tommy ManjoWho is accused of being involved in the 2015 beating of her and her husband, Dave CanteenThe The real housewife of New Jersey alum claimed The pain of Catania Did the same

In a screenshot of a message flow on Instagram, via Love Andy C. On TwitterDina is seen informing a fan that Caroline and Dolores “both” wrote letters in support of Tommy.

When a fan reported that Dolores wrote the letter, a second fan responded, believing it was Caroline and Shading. Teresa Judis For his lack of loyalty to Dinah.

“I thought it was Caroline who wrote it, so if it’s Dolores, why is Teresa still befriending her, which means there’s no loyalty to dinner,” said a second fan. “If a friend of mine did this to another friend, I wouldn’t bother him anymore. Loyalty means everything to my friends and family. ”

“Both have done,” Dina replied.

RHONJ Dina Manjo claims Dolores wrote letter to ex-accused of Catania beating

As RHONJ Fans may have noticed that after Teresa hinted that he had pushed Dolores away from her, many began to think about Dina and Dolores’ relationship. Luis RuelasDinner Engagement Party in December 2021.

Others RHONJ News, Teresa was recently joined by Dina, as well as friends and co-stars Jennifer Aiden, To celebrate his 50th birthday in Mexico. And over the weekend, the group, which included Lewis and other friends and family members, shared videos and photos on social media.

“Friend for life,” Teresa captioned a photo of herself and Dinah.

Teresa added a photo of her and Jennifer “taking charge of Tulum”.

He also shared a group photo.

RHONJ Teresa Goodis celebrates her 50th birthday with Jennifer Aidin

In addition to celebrating Teresa’s milestone birthday in Mexico, Jennifer broke her toe.

The real housewife of New Jersey Season 13 is expected to begin filming later this month.

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