Dion Sanders responded to Nick Saban’s comments by accusing him of paying players:

Dion Sanders eventually responds to Nick Saban by accusing him and Jackson State of paying the Division 1 player তাদের 1 million to sign with them. Dion claims that Nick Saban is trying to get where he wants to go and uses him to get there.

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Yesterday, the sports world and social media spent most of the day responding to Nick Saban’s comments about paying players at Texas A&M and Jackson State. When it came to Zimbo Fisher and Texas A&M, they held a press conference to address the comments, and things got a bit exciting and even personal.

“Some people think they’re God … God knows how to dig his deal. You can learn a lot about a guy you don’t want to know. Wandering.You can find out what you want to find out, what he does and how he does it.This is reprehensible.

Zimbo has always claimed “where the bodies are buried” but at his press conference he only spoke in circles. Also, she helped while working for what she has in the soap, so revealing yourself to someone else is really worth it.

Coach Prime responded with his signature charisma

Coach Prime has been fighting for HBCUs since day one. During his first SWAC Media Day, he walked away after being repeatedly called Dion by whom he said he would never call Coach Soap, Nick. Later, she will star in a number of Affleck commercials with Nick Soap.

So, when the callout turned dirty in Dion’s case for allegedly paying a player to join Jackson State, the jumbo callout wasn’t that surprising. Dion spoke to Andescape and took High Road in response.

“I did not talk to Coach Soap. I’m sure he tried to call. We need to speak in public – not in private. What you say is universal. That doesn’t require a conversation. Let’s talk openly and let everyone hear the conversation, “Sanders told Endscape on Thursday.

“You cannot do this in public or in private. No no no. I love him now. I admire her. I respect him. He’s the magna cum lord of college football and that’s going to be because he’s achieved it.

“But when he should have been on the right, he took the left. I’m sure he’ll be back. I’m not running. “

Dion Travis Hunter has repeated what he has been saying since he chose Jackson State. Travis was not paid $ 1 million and his current NIL contracts are not even close to a quarter of his. Travis Hunter wanted to be the best in his position and went to play for the man who was considered the best to play in that position.

Sanders also sent a message reminding everyone he met while working for the NFL Network and all the kids on his team, and they told him how much they earned and who paid for it.

Long story short, Dion wants to be alone and put all her energy into creating the Jackson State.

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