Dishon Watson’s level says that a happy ending is not a crime

Disney Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin gave a radio interview with Sports Radio 610, where he defended Watson’s innocence and claimed that the “happy ending” was not illegal.

Cleveland Browns offseason workout

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This year, Dixon Watson has signed a huge deal with the Cleveland Browns to return to football after a one-year hiatus. The former Texan QB had a break due to an ongoing investigation into an extensive list of allegations of sexual harassment.

Although his new contract came after a grand jury found that he had committed no crime, the situation was not over. There are still many civil cases in the country that he will have to deal with in the near future. On top of the civil cases, more defendants are coming forward and defendants who have not spoken to the public before are ready to speak. Watson’s lawyer, however, said he was innocent and, according to Yahoo Sports, he recently went on to explain on Sports Radio 610.

Watson’s attorney said he was innocent and advised not to break the “happy ending” law.

The term “happy ending” refers to the manual stimulation of oral sex during or after a massage. Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin argued that it was not illegal, but he omitted a few things.

The allegations against Watson have gone beyond a consensual happy ending. Her defendants claimed she was forced into oral sex and touched her genitals. Hardin tried to clear his remarks by pointing out that Watson had never paid anyone for sex. Perhaps she should be re-educated on exactly what is considered sexual harassment so that she can understand it as happily as she can.

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