Does the ‘RHONJ’ cast think Teresa Goodis should be released?

Does the RHONJ cast think Teresa Goodis should be released?  Margaret suggests Lewis wants to be famous because he admits he can "Come back" From the feud

Teresa Judis And Luis RuelasRelationships were a hot topic throughout its 12th season The real housewife of New Jersey. And while many feel that the show is not the best thing for their romance, its customers don’t think they will walk away from the show.

After the finale, Teresa’s co-stars responded to Lewis’s explosion, Margaret Josephus Lewis prefers fame over Teresa and Jackie Goldsnyder Doubts that neither side will leave the series, even if doing so is for the benefit of their relationship.

“I liked that he said, ‘Let’s go.’ I looked at it, ‘I’ll save you from this. Let’s go. Let’s get out of here. You don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to work if you don’t want to. I bought you a house. ‘ The pain of Catania It is mentioned in an episode RHONJ: After show.

But when Dolores felt that Louis Teresa wanted to move away from her Nashville and sit with Margaret “too romantic”, Margaret was no less impressed.

“It simply came to our notice then. But that is not true, “he complained. “He’s a d-ck swinger.”

According to Margaret, she didn’t believe what Lewis said because if she did, she “wouldn’t pressure him for an attendance for $ 7,500” and Teresa wouldn’t have to work so hard.

“If he really meant it, he wouldn’t be upset all the time and it wouldn’t be a story. He wouldn’t be so angry, upset and they would jump in,” Margaret said.

In addition to calling Lewis for her supposed infidelity, Margaret claims that Teresa’s fiance loves her new life in the spotlight.

“I think he likes it more than he does,” Margaret claims.

And yet Teresa felt that Lewis was driving her “like that prince”. Melissa Gorga Note that his behavior in Nashville was “very annoying” and “very frustrating.” Afterwards, he mentioned that the couple could walk away from the show if they really wanted to.

“He was just looking at her, ‘Why do we have to answer someone or do it? We don’t actually do that.’ And he’s right. They don’t have to. They can’t really do it unless they want to, “he said.

Meanwhile, when Jackie saw the Nashville scene, he wondered if he and his customers had seen the last of Teresa and Lewis, and he admitted that he would not blame the two of them if they left the show.

“I mean, there’s been a lot of focus on who she loves, and if she wants to save him, it would make the most sense to walk away,” Jackie adds, “but I don’t think they will.” . “

In the other part RHONJ: After showMargaret was asked if she felt that after 12 seasons, she and Teresa had a chance to reunite.

“I think time will tell,” Margaret argued. “[Teresa] It doesn’t look like we’ll ever get back. I think we are both very different people … [But] I want her to be happy. I wish her all the best. Even in the first season, I wanted to help him with the license. I did something and proved myself as a person that I wanted the best for him and he didn’t see it. “

Although Teresa felt that Margaret was about to burst her love bubble, Margaret believed that she was only encouraging her friend to keep an eye on Lewis’ past.

“And what would he say to his other friends if they were in these shoes?” Margaret was surprised when Dolores mentioned that Teresa “says it” if she “thinks no one is good for her friends.”

“She says it all the time,” Margaret confirmed. “I’ve seen him say to other friends in front of his camera life, ‘Oh, he’s a jerk, he’s this’, for much less proof.”

According to Margaret, she believes she and Teresa can finally get to a better place.

“I could come back from it,” he said. “I thought we had a bond, and I thought I understood him. But maybe I don’t understand him the way I thought.”

The real housewife of New JerseyIts three-episode Season 12 Reunion Special will begin next Tuesday, May 3, at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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