Doja Cat says he’s going to stop vaping for a while; She shares that

Doja cat He said he was going to stop vaping for a while after having tonsil surgery

On Thursday, Doza Kat tweeted that she needed surgery on her tonsils. “Dr. just had to cut my left tonsil,” they wrote, noting that there was an abscess in it.

The issue is related to an event that took place before the Billboard Awards. The 26-year-old artist said he had an infection in his tonsils that caused him to take antibiotics.

“My tonsils were infected before bbmas and I was taking F-Kin antibiotics but forgot that I was taking them. And then I drank wine and evaporated all day, ”Doja tweeted.

“Then I started getting a bad ass growth in my tonsils so they had to have surgery on it today. He stabbed her twice with a needle and then sucked all the juices and then he took a sharp object and cut it in two, “he added, adding that he” cried a lot “in pain.

The rapper says he is doing well and is finally going to have his tonsils removed. Meanwhile, he says he’s going to put vaping at rest for a while, hoping he won’t “wish” after taking a break from it.

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