Dorit Kamsley and PK Slam Lisa Vanderpump claim robbery

After returning to RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley and PK LVP, he claimed that he had reached out to them after the home attack and had received no response. "False"

Dorit Kemsley And her husband, Paul “PK” CamsleySpeaking against their ex The real housewife of Beverly Hills Nationalist, Lisa VanderpumpWho recently reached out to Dorit knowing he had been attacked in a home

After sharing multiple tweets claiming that Lisa reached out to PK via text, which she included with her posts, without getting any response, Dorit and PK took to their Instagram account, where Dorit denounced Lisa’s “lies” and PK Suggested that the alleged message from Lisa was not delivered to her phone.

In a post, shared on Dorit’s story over the weekend All about the real housewifeDorit responds to someone who called her for a possible lie that Lisa failed to reach their family after the robbery in October.

“Lisa says raise your hand … stop lying !!!!” The person wrote.

But after seeing the message on the original poster, Dorit shared and later deleted it, along with a screenshot of Lisa’s tweet and a few arrows pointing to several references to the word “LIES” above their post.

As RHOBH As fans may know, Lisa’s tweets were triggered by an episode Watch Live What HappensIn which Dorit Host said Andy Cohen That he did not hear a “word” from Lisa after his robbery.

“I’m setting the record straight. Of course, I’ve reached out to PK! And yes … not a word after the accident … from any of them … but okay, I had pillars of support, “Lisa said. TweetHe mentioned a horse-riding accident earlier this year.

In addition to Dorit responding to Lisa’s claim in her story, PK shared a few messages on her page, suggesting that she didn’t receive any messages from her former co-star even though they were “super close.”

“I bought the best team in London to help me identify the text that LVP sent out. It will keep you informed of their progress,” PK wrote on his page on May 15.

RHOBH Paul PK Kemsley claims he did not receive the LVP's text about the robbery

Following the post, a follower of PK suggested that he may have blocked Lisa’s number.

“It’s also possible that you blocked him and therefore did not receive his text,” they noted.

“I didn’t block Lisa,” Pike confirmed. “We’re very close.”

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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