Dorit Kemsley Why he was annoyed by the satin press

After talking to Teddy about the extra at Kyle's store in Daret Kamsley, RHOBH, why he was upset about being pressed at the Sutton event

Dorit Kemsley Explaining why he was so upset Sutton streak His shop is being pressed at the event on Wednesday’s episode The real housewife of Beverly Hills – Although he did talk Teddy Melankamp For extra TV Kyle RichardsStore event just a week ago.

After seeing her angry at the press outside Sutton’s store, suggesting that her customer was selfish as she tried to cope with the recent home invasion, Dorit visited her Instagram story, where she responded to a person who pointed out that The two scenarios were quite different.

“Everyone is talking about the press at Sutton’s event and how Dorit was shocked without mentioning this previous interview. Forgetting the fact that this is an interview he knew was going to happen to one of his best friends, Teddy, who took care of him.” , “Wrote the man.

And, in an additional message of support, a fan page set up for Dorit wrote, “Showing people a little compassion and love, especially in their difficult moments, will make the world a better place.”

Dorit himself responded to the comment, noting that his chat with Teddy, at which point he talked about his $ 7.9 million Enkino home being robbed at gunpoint, was something he had set up earlier.

“I agreed and arranged an interview [Teddi Mellencamp] Ahead of time. No wonder, ”he explained.

RHOBH Dorit Kemsley explains why he was upset about the press at the Sutton Strack event

During an interview in January, Dorit explained why he continued his life with the responsibility of filming RHOBHAfter going through horrible ordeals.

“If there were any other results, you know, where my kids woke up [what happened] – God forbid – it would have been different, and I would not have gone back to filming, ”he told our weekly. “They knew nothing. So, I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. Rather than that, just stay at home and stay here and there. I want to keep life as normal as possible. I wanted to keep my promise on the show.

Time to attend Watch Live What Happens Last month, Dorit confirmed that the suspects had not yet been apprehended.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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