Doza cat grace covers ELLE’s women’s cover on the music issue

This is not surprising Doja cat Its face ELLE’S WOMEN IN MUSIC Problems. He is killing it, from hit songs to winning almost every award nominated for him.

The superstar sat down to chat with Eli about his authenticity, music and his social media presence.

When it comes to Dozer, he will always be his true self; From the beginning, he always said what was on his mind. “There is no recipe for winning, but I believe there is a formula for losing,” he said. “People aren’t stupid, and if you don’t believe what you’re doing they’ll take it fast. All you have to do now is trust yourself. It sounds like a scene from a spongebob movie, but it’s true.”

Doja Cat Eli Magazine
Credit: Adrian Raquel / Women in ELLE’s June / July 2022 Music Issue

Her social media presence, in particular, was brought to bear. “I have a lot to say about myself,” he said. I’m always live. Sometimes I look at myself and I think, well, if you can turn off your phone for five minutes. “But he added that he is enriched by direct contact with all his fans.” When I’m getting creative in any way. , Then I like to see how people think about it. “During the interview, he reminded me of his periscope days as a teenager.” Now I just go online and shout at people, and it’s a fun hobby for me. “

Doza was then asked how he felt about the social media debates since he was at the center of a few. He said, “I just turn off my phone. I delete things and reopen them when I’m ready. That’s how it works for me.

For his music, he has been able to change all genres. Rising from hip-hop, afro-beats, and bubble, high-fame pop to heartstring-tanning ballads, he said, “I experiment with genres I’m unfamiliar with, and I’m inspired by new experiences. “That’s the whole game … It was too big for me because I didn’t have it. And if for me that girl could be no one else, I would be that girl for someone else.”

Doja Cat Eli Magazine
Credit: Adrian Raquel / Women in ELLE’s June / July 2022 Music Issue

Throughout his career, he has won and been nominated for multiple awards. After the victory Best Pop Duo / Group Performance With SZA ForKiss me more“It simply came to our notice then. When they told me how much, I said to myself, ‘No, there’s no way.’ It was actually the first show after which I cried. I must have felt the emotion. I’m glad I did … I like to do a lot less … but it’s a big deal. “

For his next album, which will be mainly rap, he said, “I’ve been sent songs and things oh f ** k, if I could tell people! There are some really nice things I sent from friends. They’re all working on bits, and I’m giving them notes, and they know what I want, so I’m excited. “

Since the beginning of her career, she has worked with many of the current top female rappers City Girls, Rico Nasty, And Sweetie. As a female rapper, she said, At the moment there is an explosion of amazing female rap talent. It’s great to see, because it wasn’t there when we were kids. “

Doza Call Magazine
Credit: Adrian Raquel / Women in ELLE’s June / July 2022 Music Issue

Outside of music, Doja says he is interested in comedy. “I want to act,” he said. I want to be in the movie. It’s a huge demand for me. ” He said, “One of my hidden emotions is stand up. I get nervous like everyone else, but I think it can be a normal, funny thing.” Doja added how he would like to show his humor Geoway Fumudoh “Joy is very funny, and he’s very smart, and I love him a lot,” Doja said. “He usually likes to bait people and it would be fun to see me bait.”

Finally, Doza discusses how he plans to decompress this summer. Thanks to a recent tonsil surgery and rehabilitation, he said Friday that he would cancel his summer festival attendance and his tour with him. Weekend. “I’m going to finish this next album, and then I’m going to take out the f ** k for a second. I want to disappear for a while and wear slides and go to the farmer’s market. I don’t give a damn about vegetables, but how much fun!” I want a dog. I don’t have a dog. That’s not right. I want to take care of a dog. I want to raise it and run around the grass and touch it. “

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