Doza cat grace Eli’s 2022 women’s cover on the cat music issue

Doza is swallowing the cat’s cover They The 2022 Women in Music issue and the time to talk about doing regular things like “take a break” and “wear slide” and “go to the farmer’s market” while serving a glamorous look.

Inside the June 7 Newsstand hit publication, a trendy bowl with a bright red coat and a frog with Patty Wilson’s styling is courtesy of dozer designer Duran Lantic.

Doja Cat x ELLE Magazine

Source: Adrian Raquel / Ale Magazine

He is also talking about the rise of his meteor and the pressure of social media The talented rapper and singer is also sharing the secret weapon he uses to be honest with himself and his craft.

“There is no winning formula, but I think there is a losing formula. If you don’t believe what you’re doing, people aren’t stupid – they’re going to take it really fast, “said the 26-year-old. They Marjan Carlos. “You just have to believe in yourself. It really sounds like something sh * t The SpongeBob MovieBut it is true. “

On his first Grammy win

Los Angeles Native has skyrocketed stars since the release of their 2021 album The planet is his. The project featured hit songs such as “Women,” “Need to Know” and “Get Into It”, both of which were listed in the top 15. Billboards Hot 100 and UK single chart. This year, the star won a Grammy for SZA for her viral smash “Kiss Me More” as well as for “Best Pop Duo”.

“It simply came to our notice then. … It was actually the first show I cried after, “said the lyricist.” I must have felt emotional.

After a successful year, it may soon be time to slow down, according to Adrian Raquel’s photo shoot star.

Doja Cat x ELLE Magazine

Source: Adrian Raquel / Ale Magazine

Doza Kat wants to slow down after her next album

May 20, hitmaker Dr. Announcement Due to an acute tonsil surgery he will have to cancel his summer festival attendance and upcoming tour, but it looks like he is waiting for some unnecessary rest.

“I’m going to finish this next album, and then I’m going to take out the f ** k for a second. I want to disappear for a while and do things like wear slides and go to the farmer’s market,” said Doza Aleke.

“I don’t give a damn about vegetables, but what fun! And I want a dog. I don’t have a dog. That’s not right. I want to take care of a dog. I want to raise it and run around the grass and touch it, ”he added.

Doza has already said that it comes after he is giving up music. He seems to be serious about retiring very soon.

Doja Cat x ELLE Magazine

Source: Adrian Raquel / Ale Magazine

More highlights from Doja Cat’s cover story

Check out some more highlights from the star’s cover story below where she talks about her ability to resize between genres and why she likes to stir up the pot on social media.

Doja Cat x ELLE Magazine

Source: Adrian Raquel / Ale Magazine

From hip-hop, aphrodisiacs and frothy pops to high-fame pops to heart-stringing ballads – and how she transformed into the musical genre as a role model in the music industry.: “I play with genres I’m not really used to, and I’m inspired by something new to me. It’s all a game… it means a lot to me in the sense that I didn’t have it either. And if someone can’t be that girl to me, then I can be that girl to someone else. “

In her social media presence: “I have a lot to say about myself. I’m always live. Sometimes I look at myself and I think, well, if you can turn off your phone for five minutes … “but he is enriched by direct contact with his fans.” When I get creative in any way, I I like to see how people think about it. I’ll be like, ‘Should I wear this hat or that hat?’ Or ‘We’re going to do the 90s-inspired makeup thing today.’ Or ‘My wig is falling out of my face. Would you like to see me reapply it?’ “It reminds me of the days of his periscope as a teenager, where Doza used to spend more than 10 hours at a time.” Now I just go online. And I shout at people, and it’s a fun hobby for me. “

From various social media debates to his takeaway: “I just hung up my phone. I delete things and reopen them when I’m ready That’s how it works for me.

Which will be the main rap on his next album: “I didn’t start just because of all the rehearsals and tours. I’m running a lot, but it’s coming. I’m getting songs and things have been sent to me … oh f ** k, if I could tell people! There are some really nice things I sent from friends. They’re all working on bits, and I’m giving them notes and they know what I want, so I’m excited. “

How exciting this is for young female rappers, of whom Doza has already collaborated with many, including City Girls, Rico Nasty, and Sweetie.: “Right now there’s an explosion of amazing female rap talent. It’s great to see because it wasn’t there when we were little. “

To act and try comedy – especially on the show Gio Fumudoh: “I want to act. I want to be in the movie. It’s a huge quest for me. One of my hidden passions is stand up. I’m just as nervous as anyone else, but I think it’s a normal, fun thing to do. ” And he’s very smart and I love him a lot. “” He usually likes to bait people and it would be fun to see me bait. “

Doja Cat x ELLE Magazine

Source: Adrian Raquel / Ale Magazine

In addition to being on the cover of ELLE, Doza also played a game called Thirst Trap aka Truth or drink with revelation. After all the tea, Doza discussed the song he most regretted releasing, three public figures not allowed. #PlanetHerAnd addressed a mysterious “interesting” person from his Instagram Livestream.


You can read the full story here.

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