Doza Cat has canceled the festival run and weekend stadium tour

Cochlear’s performance about the doza cat joke may be the last time we see the singer perform live for quite some time.


Source: Maria Alejandra Cardona / Getty

On Friday, May 20, the “Best Friend” singer took to her Instagram story that she would no longer open for The Weekend on her stadium tour this summer. He has also canceled his upcoming festival dates, due to all the healing process he is about to start after an amazing tonsil surgery.

“Hi friends,” he wrote in his IG Story. “I wanted you to hear from me first. Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils as soon as possible. The surgery is routine but will take some time to recover due to swelling. I also have to cancel The Weekend Tour this summer as well as the festival. “

Doza continued, “I feel terrible about it but I can’t wait for it to heal and come back to make music and create an experience for everyone.”

In addition to her absence from the weekend tour, which runs from July to September, the singer is also scheduled to perform at the Hangout Festival in Alabama on Saturday, May 21, and at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK next month.

The unfortunate news comes after Doza Kat hinted that “bad news” could be on the horizon when she informed fans about her tonsil problems earlier this week.

“Dr. I just had to cut my left tonsil,” he wrote on Twitter. “I had an abscess in it.

He continued, “I was taking antibiotics but forgot that I was taking them and then I drank wine and vaped all day and then a bad ass started growing in my tonsils so they had to have surgery. It’s today.”

Get well soon, Doja!

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