Dr. Lenny Hochstein’s new GF Katharina talks about divorce

RHOM's Dr. Lenny Hochstein's new girlfriend Katharina Majepa spoke after the announcement of Leni's divorce because Lisa was seen partying with director Michael Bay just days before the split.

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Divorce and divorce Miami’s real housewife Couple Dr. Lenny And Lisa Hochstein Getting more complicated day by day.

After denying that he and Lisa are not divorcing, Lenny changes his tune a few days later and confirms the rumor is true as he is seen hanging out with a new model girlfriend. Catherine Majepa.

Katharina is now talking and denying that she is the cause of Lisa and Lenny’s separation. (Despite new reports of Lisa joining the Halloween party and even “liking” the couple’s picture.)

Speaking to Page Six, Katharina said that she and Lenny were both “going through separation” and that they were both aware of it when they started their relationship.

“The reality is that Lenny and I have been separated from our wives for some time, and we’re both going through divorce. I was told that Lisa was fully aware that she was going out with me, “Katharina told the news outlet.

He continued his defense that he would never engage with someone who was “happily married.”

“We both started seeing each other after we separated from our spouses,” the model claims.

Katharina also defended Lenny saying she was doing everything in her power to protect her family and children and was “doing the right thing by everyone involved in this difficult process.”

Katharina’s representative also issued a statement saying, “Katharina alerted Lenny that she was navigating a divorce on her own, and she informed him that she was currently going through a divorce and divorce. They are in the early stages of getting to know each other. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Lisa says she was “blinded” by the news of the breakup and called the new couple’s relationship “reckless.”

“Involved with two young children, as a mother, I’m going to focus all my energy and time on them,” Lisa said.

The question is, was he really “blind” and innocent in the news?

A new report in the Daily Mail shows Lisa hanging out and partying with famed director Michael Bay just days before the divorce was announced.

In the photos obtained, Lisa looked happy and in good spirits RHOM Coaster Larsa Pipen Tane was attending the Threesome American Express Presents Carbon Beach Party.

Lenny was nowhere to be seen that night, so it adds that it coincides with her timeline that their divorce has been working for quite some time as opposed to being abrupt.

Her announcement reads, “Lisa and I are getting divorced. A few weeks ago, I denied it because I was trying my best to protect my family during this process. This is a very difficult time, and I will ask for some privacy so that we can take good care of our children who mean the world to us. “

Although Lenny has not yet filed for divorce.

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