Drew and Sherry almost come to blows with rumors

RHOA recap: Drew and Sherry almost get into a fight, plus Drew's assistant accuses Sherry of not paying him and spreads gay rumors about Ralph

This week The real housewife of Atlanta, Our juicy peach manages to spread some very inappropriate tea at a little Brooklyn birthday party. Who will be forced to wipe out the mess and stop these shady women from touching each other? Veuve grab a glass of champagne tea and let us find out, what do we do?

We first treated some adorable shots of cute kids from Atlanta. Little Blaze and his older brother S are both valuable and growing so much. Drew After her bright red cloak and some very ugly slippers you have to run to the school bus. Didn’t we all have to do something embarrassing to get our kids out of school? Sania The adorable boy Deuce is smiling at his parents like a happy little boy with his cute little dimples, which melts me And so did his handsome father.

Kenya She is planning a fancy tea party for her darling daughter Brooklyn, which costs from $ 10k to $ 15k. He shared with party planners that Mark would not contribute to the party’s expenses. Why does he have to share such personal information with the party planner? Does she want to win the Mother of the Year pageant ??? Kenya tells us that she has physical custody and that Mark must come to Atlanta to see his daughter. He mentioned that the only item pending for their divorce was the issue of marital support as child support was being paid for by him. Side note: I hate to protect Mark with every ounce of my being, but Kenya is expected to pay him for an expensive tea party in Kenya. Wants to do For filming? At least she does support her child, and not everyone is lucky enough to get it.

Sherry And Marlowe Visiting the gym, but Sherry is the only one exercising. She looks gorgeous and is a really beautiful woman – even if she is Complaints Does not pay its sellers. Marlowe asks Sherry about that ugly shadow So-called constructive That’s all that has been thrown. Marlowe unreasonably brags about his acting career, but he can’t get the short version of IMDB. She commented on her ITM that she would get her money back if Sherry did not return it Or he would throw a glass bottle at her. Sherry shares that her very handsome son Cairo is working in the clothing department for the incredibly talented Tyler Perry (love me some media). Sherry said the streets are talking about Drew’s messy marriage to Ralph, and so the Tamara judge says Drew’s story this season is fake. Marlowe embarrassed Kenya to text her invitation when Marlowe invited all of them to her event fancy.

Crying He is celebrating the sale of tickets for the play he is producing. She invited women to watch the show in NYC. Kandi has booked another role and wants to score an EGOT. He has already scored a Grammy but needs to complete the briefing. Todd talked about their sex life as he was busy working. He is more interested in pushing his own project And shack up his NJ apartment. Candy thinks Todd didn’t let her take part in all his projects. He admits he doesn’t get the credit he deserves when he works on his projects.

Drew randomly goes shopping for Brooklyn’s birthday with Super Shady Anthony. They chat Prodding producer with Sherry’s rumors about her breaking up and liking tough people. Anthony reiterates that Sherry never paid him, and that he has a friend who will not work for him unless they receive a k 25k advance. The clip with the production title shows Sherry not paying her bills. Sanya then calls frantically, and she’s been terribly upset since one of her car crashes. Drew comes to pick him up as his car breaks down.

Sania and Ross have returned home since she was working in her chaff business outside the city. He shared what happened when he was pulled by Semi Ross seems to be really concerned about his wife and I really like their addition to the show.

For Brooklyn the Kenyan party is simply precious and a little girl’s dream. He’s annoyed that everyone is late and won’t let Brooklyn out until more people come. Oh my, Sherry looks like Mortissa Adams in her ITM talking about the party. Thank God he didn’t waltz with that get-up! Sanya, who is beautiful in pink, comes with Dapper Little Deuce Drew arrives in an ultra-short white robe that looks like a giant clinic that has been pulled from the box and fastened with a thick belt around his waist. She needs more than a therapist – she needs a stylist and to stop comparing her looks to Queen Bay! Little Brooklyn makes her grand entrance and looks overwhelmed by all that noise.

Kenya decides to play a game that is all about little Brooklyn. He then decides to play a shady tea, and you know this nonsense is producer-driven at a baby party! Kenya sees no fault in this game as they sit at the adult table. Kandi draws the first card, which also happened to her, and states that she sucked the ad in a locker room. He wants to know who wrote it about him since he claims it was a lie Kandi “Very angry and wants to know who decided to put it on the card?” Side note: I don’t know who wrote it, but Kandi is open about her sexuality, and if she does, she will own it. Has a producer put on a hat that provoked a reaction?

Kenya, who was very skeptical of the response from Kandy, simply wanted to go ahead and comment on his delay. Didn’t Kandi say in the beginning that Blaze was late because he was going to sleep? Marlo then gets the shadow because you can’t order it on his site since it is empty without any content. Kandi is always tired of Kenya and Marlowe in each other’s throats, and so are we!

Then we learn how Anthony has found a sweet place to immerse himself in each episode this season. Anthony maintains that Sherry was like a sister to him, but he had to sever ties because he never paid her. We are then tied up with a bunch of names and a mother decides that this behavior is not acceptable for her little girl. Kenya jumps up and tries to talk to her mother, and she unexpectedly tells him “Don’t let it be private?” She tries to stay with him, and you can see in Kenya that this mom has a legitimate point. Marlowe, who has zero class, must be told, “You shouldn’t invite white people here.” Side note: The way these women talked to each other at the kids’ birthday party has nothing to do with the color of your skin that your little ones don’t want to hear.

When Sherry’s friend Fatum claims that Anthony is saying that Ralph is gay, Drew’s shady tea is overturned. He is shocked that Anthony has revealed that Ralph is gay. Drew starts to shake Sherry’s face. He behaves as if he is always talking with his hands on people’s faces. Drew may not be so obsessed with what might happen to the hand gesture on another RH show, e.g. RHONJ, RHOCAnd RHOP. Is he acting so thirsty this season that he can hold his pitch until he gets every drop? Kandi says our kids shouldn’t play this game at the party. Amen! Sherry strangely compares what Porsha did with Kandy to the accusations of her tough guys. There is no way to own a deadbeat business accused of drugs and rape.

Kenya must then bring the matter back to the party, and she wants everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” in Brooklyn. She thanked everyone for coming, and it’s time for the photo. Kenya bizarrely thinks Brooklyn’s birthday party was a success because it was a fun time and had its elements. He confirms that we know Mark is less and less in the picture, and he doesn’t want his daughter to feel like he’s missing something. Kenya is not playing her card properly if she thinks this display is going to earn her mom a bonus point. Mark watching this episode could really be counterproductive for Kenya because it wasn’t good to allow this whimsical display at a children’s party. UGH, I hate to stand twice for Mark on this blog!

Next week, another dungeon-esque event is planned for the group in Kandy. We also see how women continue to fight against these Anthony-planted stories. Have a nice week, and see you tomorrow night RHONJ For some more idleness!

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