Drew Sidora Ralph offers a wedding update to defame gay rumors

Drew Sidora of RHOA admits that marriage

The real housewife of Atlanta Star Drew Sidora’s Marriage Ralph Pitman, Jr. The fair share of her ups and downs has been seen, but Drew makes it clear that there is nothing that could break her marriage, even in the new rumors that Ralph may be gay.

Most recently, Drew and Ralph got involved in an alleged sexual assault by a former female assistant, and her customers were behind her.

I’m talking To confuse Drew said of Ralph, “Yeah, he could be a ** hole. He admits he owns his trash. But that’s who he is. And he showed me other things.”

Because of all the trust issues, couples are “actively” in therapy because they want things to get better between them.

Drew told the outlet, “You’ll see us go to marriage counseling and we’re still in marriage counseling. “And I feel like he’s trying to communicate softly. And I appreciate her advising me to marry. “

Drew also admits that he can “trigger” Ralph, but his marriage is not “perfect” and the two are committed to a united front.

“I applaud him for admitting his guilt and for wanting to stay here because he can leave. None of us are holding each other or binding each other in this marriage. So, I appreciate someone who is willing to hold on to it and get through that valley. “

Drew says he doesn’t believe in divorce and that people “leave marriage very easily.”

And while she’s willing to put all her marital problems there in the name of transparency, Drew sometimes wonders if she’s sharing too much.

“It’s always a thought, ‘Are we showing too much?'” Drew said before continuing. , A wife, a friend, a daughter and I have made a conscious effort to be more vulnerable here. “

Drew admits that even in all of Ralph’s faults, he is a great father and a “multi-level” businessman.

But being one of those levels … gay?

Rumors have been circulating since a recent episode where Drew’s assistant accused Ralph of being gay. In a new clip captured by andkandiburrussfanpage, Ralph is calling BS on those allegations.

He said with a smile, “Whatever people say, everyone needs a story.

“I’m going through all this, I’m cheating, I’m doing it, now I’m gay,” he continued. “Next time, they’ll tell me I’m a lesbian!”

Ralph says he “doesn’t know what to say about it [the rumors]“Like they are nothing.

Kandi Baras’ Swami Todd Tucker Also appears in the clip and supports Ralph, saying, “You all have to stop working.”

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