Dynamic upset with ‘RHOBH’ star Erica Jane Garsell

Erica Jane on RHOBH "Upset" Dynamic with Garsel, Garsel's comments about bad looking and Sutton "Gold miner" Suggestions, plus teases new music

Erica Jane Annoyed by his ongoing conflict with Garcel Beauvais.

During a couple of new interviews, The real housewife of Beverly Hills The cast member opens his mouth about the unfortunate evolution of his relationship with Garcel, explaining what prompted Garcel to suggest that he was looking bad, and clapping. Sutton streakThe suggestion is that she needs to date rich men.

“When [Garcelle] Coming to the group, I was really excited and she even said, ‘Erica is the most welcome,’ ” Being real with housewives The podcast “It’s sad to see that Garsell is resistant to what I’m trying to say and has gone the other way. It’s his opinion and he has the right to do it, but I have the right to feel how I feel about it.”

As RHOBH Fans may recall that the conflict between Erica and Garsel was confirmed in January, when Garsell claimed without following Erica that he had done something he “did not like.” Then, a few months later, after Garsell published his book, Love me as i am“I don’t want to make you look bad, you can do it yourself,” Erica shared a video of the book without a trash, including a clip showing Erica her shadow.

What prompted Garcel to make a statement about Erica’s bad looks, Erica said, “I was asking her if it would be convenient for her to say ‘Erica has a problem’.”

In another interview, Erica reacted to Sutton’s remarks during the premiere episode of Season 12, where he suggested that Erica was looking for a sugar daddy when he shouldn’t be looking for rich people.

“Good for her. Neither do I. And if I had wanted to, I would have done it already. Believe me, I have been offered. But to be completely honest, I’m not in that place in life,” Erica told E.K. .

Continuing about her love life, Erica said, “I’m available.”

“I’m just coming back. It’s awkward. Hook me up. I’m not on the dating app because I’m afraid of strangers, so there has to be someone who knows someone, ”he explains.

Since she hopes to find love in her legal drama and divorce Thomas GirardiErica is back to making music.

“I was in the studio on the weekends so it’s coming,” Erica teased. “I was actually recording and then jumped on a plane to get here. It’s happening! “

“It’s a song, so it’s multiple,” he added. “I think the last two years have been an inspiration. If you can’t be inspired by that disaster, you probably should. ”

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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