Elton addresses the RHOBH gala drama between John Lisa and Sutton

Sir Elton John Amid addresses RHOBH's gala drama involving Lisa Rina and Sutton Strack

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Music legends and icons, Sir Elton JohnSaid.

Last season The real housewife of Beverly Hills Sutton streak And Lisa Brest The iconic and very exclusive Elton John’s AIDS Foundation is embroiled in a battle over who is invited to the Oscar party.

Both women brought their own receipts after Sutton blasted Lisa Watch Live What Happens She says she invited Lisa and husband Harry Hamlin His Guests, a claim Lisa vehemently denies, and it is becoming too clumsy to say the least.

Although Sir Elton and husband David Furnish They did not comment on whether they were in favor of Sutton or Lisa (as I am sure they are not aware of or perhaps do not care), but stated that they have the full support of a longtime friend, the founder of the foundation. And new RHOBH Cast member Diana Jenkins.

Although Diana posted a video of Elton and David on her Instagram which she said RHOBH Not being promoted in the UK, they are behind the completely new.

In the clip, David and Elton offer Diana “good luck” in her opening season and can’t wait to catch it.

Both David and Sir Elton said, “We are very sorry,” we can’t stay there to see the real housewife in Beverly Hills because we’re in England and we don’t get it in England. So, Diana, thank you and good luck tonight. Thank you for all your support and we will be happy from afar. “

David concluded, “Thank you, my dear, I hope we see it soon.”

Who needs housewife friends if you have Sir Elton John by your side?

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Broadcast Wednesday night at 8 pm EST in Bravo.

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