Erica Jane of RHOBH in the play with Garsell and Crystal

In the play with Garsell and Crystal, RHOBH's Erica Jane says she's the victim of Tom.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Star Erica Jane, Already in the middle of the drama again and we’re in just a few episodes of the new season. And he’s not apologizing for that.

In a new interview, Erica says she wanted to “have fun” after a very heavy previous season this season. Viewers have seen Erica embezzle large sums of money and have been widely criticized for being selfish and not caring about victims.

Honestly, it came that way many times and sometimes still does.

“I try to have a good time this season. The previous season was so heavy. I may or may not have put my foot in my mouth a couple of times. It was fun. I think we have a good cast, you have people who really do meet and with whom you don’t really agree. ” XXPEN $ IVE singer told extra ৷

Now, he says he wants to make everyone, including himself, “complete” again

“I made it very clear … I want everyone who has been wronged to be healed,” he told the outlet. “I’ve never been so upset … people want me to do something I can’t do for them … I have to fight for myself.”

Erica also went to solve her problem with the customers Garcel Beauvais And Crystal Kung-Minkoff.

Garsel and Erica have a quarrelsome friendship, to say the least, especially since Garsel broke his promise to stop questioning Erica about his legal problems. Also, remember that little incident when Erica literally trashed Garcel’s new memoir? Is there a chance for a reunion?

“Garsell unfollowed me … it’s really up to him,” Erica had to say.

As crystals, in RHOBH In the trailer we see the two fall into a heated argument over the crystal siding with the victims of the embezzlement project when Erica blows up and shouts, “You want to be by the side of the victims because you think it’s great ?!”

“I think I’m very disappointed with what you see in the trailer … it actually comes from here,” Erica said.

However, his friendship with “Thelma and Lewis” Lisa Brest Has remained strong and has been a source of strength for Erica.

“Lisa Rina was the most understanding … she was willing to wait … until she got the answer … I really appreciate it. She’s going against the team,” he told the interviewer.

Erica also addressed her mix of antidepressants and alcohol this season but said she took her mental health “very seriously”.

“I take my mental health very seriously … I need to be stable to handle the things that come my way, and I ate a few drinks with some antidepressants, and it really hurts you,” he admits.

Erica says, “I’m fine. Life goes on. I’m picking up the pieces and moving forward as much as possible. “

For her dating life? Erica is alone and ready to merge.

“What can I say? I’m unmarried … I have a lot to sort out, but there’s nothing wrong with having a good time,” he said before adding, “I need to have a good ‘crime-free time.’

The jury is still out (literally) if you’re innocent, Erica.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Broadcast Wednesday night at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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