Erica Jane raises questions about not paying victims

Erica Jane Garsell of RHOBH raises questions about victims' claim for non-payment after she failed to show up "Compassion," Plus Dorit speaks after the robbery "Fear"

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Erica Jane The question is whether Thomas GirardiIn the 12th season the alleged victims actually had their settlement funds frozen. The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

In a sneak peek of next week’s episode, shared by Bravo Insider, Erica is seen stunning her co-stars. Kyle Richards And Dorit KemsleySince he tried to protect himself Garcel BeauvaisWho complained of failing to show compassion to victims during their cast trip to Palm Springs.

“What a year. My life was so messed up,” Erica reflected after Kyle mentioned their Season 11 trip to her vacation home. “I feel night and day. Glad we got through all our sh-t. I want to thank you all for accepting me for what I was a wild animal. I would come back to an F-King corner every day. “

In a confession, he continued, “When you go through something that’s really all-encompassing, it’s every part of your life, it’s where you live, it’s your marriage, it’s your finances, trying to protect yourself and then you finally climb the bridge. A little … you can at least hold your breath. I’m far away but I can at least hold my breath. “

“Twelve months now I’ve been dragged into the mud for something I never did, never happened,” Erica added to the scene, responding to Garcel.

“It simply came to our notice then. You didn’t show up, ‘Oh my God, I hope it didn’t really happen,’ “Garcel explained.

“I really hoped it didn’t happen,” Erica replied.

“I know but you didn’t say that,” Garcel fired back.

But according to Erica, she has not been able to say anything about the ongoing lawsuit against her and her now divorced husband.

“When you’re in a legal situation, every word counts,” said Erica, moving forward before dropping the bomb.

“We’re not even sure if there were people who weren’t paid,” he declared.

And immediately, surprisingly, Erica’s customers had questions.

“You’re saying we don’t know for a fact that these people weren’t paid, these victims?” Kyle asked.

“You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?” Dorit asked.

Garcel, meanwhile, fell into disbelief, saying, “There’s no way,” as Erica assured him, “Yes, no way.”

Also in hiding, Dorit admits to experiencing anxiety and fear after being snatched at gunpoint while at home with her two children.

“Every time I close my eyes, there’s a lot going on in my head, anxiety and fear. All I want is to be able to put it behind me where I can feel a little more like myself, pre-home attack, ”he explained in his confession.

Then, while discussing her sleep struggles with her co-stars, Lisa advised Rina to talk to Dorit about her mother, Lois Rina, who had become a serial killer who had been attacked by someone she worked with.

“She is OK. And that’s dorit, ”Lisa noted.

Sadly, Lois died at the age of 93 after a stroke in November 2021, shortly after the scene was filmed.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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