Erica Jane speaks of crystal feud, “sympathy” for victims

Erica Jane of RHOBH says her for Tom's alleged victims

On The real housewife of Beverly Hills, The word ‘victim’ is a trigger. According to supporters Erica Jane And believing that she is innocent of her husband’s alleged embezzlement, the term is being used to cast a shadow over Erica, who maintains that she did nothing wrong.

The term is another sad reminder to those affected by alleged misconduct that viewers feel guilty for “helping and persuading”.

Now, after a year of silence in the press, Erica is opening her mouth about the cases.

“Of course I have sympathy [the victims], ”He shared with Page Six. “I had sympathy for them then and now I have sympathy for them. And I believe they will be taken care of. “

He said, “Listen, I want to say very clearly here: I have fully cooperated in everything … regardless of what is on the blog or tweet or social media, please understand that I have fully cooperated.”

Erica then addressed her anger Crystal if Minkoff. (He told Crystal in the trailer, “You want to be with the victims because you think it’s great!… I don’t know anything about anyone but me!”)

In an interview with Page Six, Erica explained the reasons behind her anger: “I think you also need to remember that I am fighting with one hand behind my back ছি I have come to the line of what I can and cannot do. Tell me, and when I tell you what, I get frustrated. “

“And I can’t say anymore, yet I’m constantly being pressured about it. That’s why you’re looking at me. [have an outburst]. And let’s be honest. They love me more than anything, inject me because they know I can’t say anything.

At the moment, however, Erica is taking a positive stance on the cases. “I like where I’m going to end up. It’s going to be fine,” he said. “Even if I don’t feel that way, I’ll tell you that I feel good about it. But I’m not really. It’s going to be fine.” “

He added, “I want to say this: it’s a very long process. And I think people need to understand that these are very complex issues, so they can’t be wrapped up right now. And that’s one thing I think people have misunderstood. I said it. It’s going to be a long time and that’s what I meant. “

Perhaps this is a blessing for her co-stars, who seem to find joy in questioning Erica. In all likelihood, the unfinished interrogation will last two more seasons (unless Bravo finds a better story line).

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