Ethnic Mirror (including TickTock Primrose One) 20% discount

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Even before I spent all my leisure time on TikTok, I knew about the ethnographic glaming primrose mirror. And yet, I cove it. It’s iconic for a reason, but it is So Out of my budget. Fortunately for me and every Anthro Stan there, the Anthropology Memorial Day Sale includes furniture and decorations. For those connecting the dots, this means Gleaming Primrose Mirror is now discounted. Yes, that’s right! Now!

Only each of these stunning mirrors. It is sold in single form (Which never happens !!) The smallest size would be perfect on a dresser or on a wall! The best will be the best statement maker in the living room, bedroom and dining area. Imagine the kind of selfie you can take with this bold decorating piece. Also, when you show friends around your apartment you can say you have * the * anthro mirror. I imagine this mirror or any looklike will not be in stock for long.

I’ve collected a few more mirrors for sale at Anthro, if you’re looking for another style of mirror and Primrose doesn’t fit your vibe. Or, maybe you just want more than one mirror. I personally don’t believe that one person can own many – just don’t break them!

When you shop on the Anthro site, don’t limit yourself to browsing the mirror, though 4 4000+ items are being sold here now with discounts of up to 40%, ranging from color plates to statement-making rugs and more. Much more. This sale will run until Monday, but I recommend that you shop as soon as possible. Anthro sales are rare and the best of the best always goes fast.

Also, everyone on TikTok wants to read for the mirror, Plus A few other flashy options.

StyleCaster |  Anthropology Memorial Day Sale

Courtesy of Anthropology.

The Mirror That It All Started

This is the iconic mirror that everyone is obsessed with on TikTok, so now is the chance to get a smaller version for less than $ 100 (depending on the size you choose)! Don’t drop your shot, because I don’t know when it will sell again, if ever.

You can choose from a few different options with this iconic style. It would be great to put on a three-foot dresser or hang over your bed. Placing other large ones on the floor of your dining room or living room will look incredibly “incongruous”.

After all, the statement of gold does not say anything casual like a mirror.

Since the seven-foot floor model has a discount of over $ 300, you may feel a little better about investing in it. And once you see it in your home you will feel even more. See the favorite anthro mirror in all its sizes here.

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