Evidence shared by Lisa Rinna 7 after the RHOBH episode in the gala drama

Elton joins RHOBH's Lisa Rinna in John Party drama, slamming Sutton "Sticky" And "Classless" He was invited by IMDb while proving

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Lisa Brest Provided a receipt to back up his claim Sutton streak Elton did not invite him to the John Foundation’s Oscar party in 2019 on his Instagram story in the new episode on Wednesday The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

Sutton tried to prove that he was responsible for Lisa and Harry HamlinLisa took to her social media page to share her own emails, reading an email in a confession of her seats at the star-studded charity event, mentioning her payment for the couple’s ticket.

After sharing a clip of Sutton’s claim on Instagram, Lisa commented, via All about the real housewifeThat was his behavior before encouraging “so hard” and “unclassified” fans to “donate to the Elton John Foundation” in their play.

RHOBH condemns Lisa Rinna Sutton as tough and classless in Elton John Party conflict

Lisa then appeared in her story, where she shared a message from Harry’s preacher, Craig SnyderWho revealed that, due to the satin, Harry and Lisa were rushing to find a table for the upcoming event at the time.

“FYI: I thought the invitation came through the district office, but below, I got it wrong. That said, thanks to Sutton, they’re now shaking up for a pair of seats on Sunday: / Not sure if you’re already aware, but will let you know how it ends, “Craig wrote.

And, in a response, a representative of the Elton John Foundation Catherine Calfield Sutton confirmed that he was no longer “taking the table” at the event and that he would instead appear as a party of three who did not include Lisa or Harry.

“Craig, I just heard that the woman who originally invited Lisa and Harry to her table is no longer taking the table, she’s only taking three seats and they’re not on her list. Just wanted to make you aware, ”Katherine noted. “The invitation came from Sutton Strack. He will have a table but will not shop anymore. Trying to find two seats according to my ability. I’m even asking IMDB since they were interested in the show. Wait. “

RHOBH Lisa Rina confirms Sutton Strack did not invite her to the Elton John Foundation party

In a second post, Lisa shared an email from Katherine confirming that she and Harry had secured seats at the event after signing a deal with IMDb to attend the show.

“We are thrilled that Lisa and Harry are joining us for a viewing dinner and taking part in the show,” Katherine wrote.

And an additional message in the email cited the email as evidence that he and Harry were “guests of the IMDb team because of your participation in the party coverage.”

RHOBH Lisa Rina confirms that she was invited to the Elton John Foundation party by IMDb

During the last episode RHOBH, Denouncing Lisa Sutton’s antics as “embarrassing for charities”. You know better than that. “

“I also know what defamation is. And I didn’t cancel a table, ”Sutton insisted.

“Are you going to sue me? You canceled a table at the last minute, according to my preacher, and he said, ‘I’m sorry. You and Harry have no more tickets,'” Lisa revealed.

But Sutton did not address any of them, saying “you know this is not true.”

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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